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If it being that close to a school means anything maybe it does i mean y'all can tell me hey strictly will ainsworth lieutenant governor and that's all involved with right now i just wanted to give you this wheels good friend of mine he's my state house member i've been watching him for four years she's been down there as a member of law enforcement hosts state alabama working to prison large prison state limestone i do not have a problem with teachers trained teachers carrying weapons and being trained in the school system and i think by wheel putting this out there like he did i think that that formed the committee that governor i be made i'll make a recommendation for the administrators that's not full blown but i think that helped now i'm a never twinkle person i'm a never twenty cool she's she's alabama saying stacy really do you feel weird saying that you never twinkle so you never twenty okay but but anyway i just think it's good i think it'd be good to have wheel then i think he is a christian i think he's he's just concerts conservatives i've ever saw anybody down there and he listens to people me i like will ainsworth to and especially when it comes to this school safety issue he he was straight up about this is not something that's going to solve the problem but it's a step in the right direction and i can appreciate that and i think everybody should be able to appreciate that no matter what side you're any suggestion for the governor's race stacey george john merrill is just he's done a outstanding job and if they gets ninety both there wouldn't be enough say georgia going down the list big nato there that's what.

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