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Beating the Celtics for the second time in franchise history at a playoff series, one sixteen ninety one is the final. Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks as they head onto the Eastern Conference finals taking on the we're still awaiting bet challenger, and that's the the question academically throw it. It's you guys Kirk Morrison here, by the way, filling in for rich rich Eisen show. We do have two games tonight. What do you think name sixes? We have what is it? It's raptors at seventy Sixers. We have nuggets at trailblazers. I believe right. Yes. Nuggets blaze. Two great games games. Kind kinda weird series. What you got to play the match up game. If I'm the Milwaukee Bucks or as a fan now. Well, let's play the fan game fan game. If you're a fan like us who do you want what conference Eastern Conference final match matchup? You wanna see more D wanna see bucks raptors or books? Seventy Sixers from a star stand. Fly star on a star standpoint. What the Sixers in there? They more SARS. Okay. And they also have bigger personalities. So we all know that Jimmy Butler thing at the beginning of the season forces way out of Minnesota. We've all seen. Joel embiid. Joel Embiid and read all the things that he does on social media. He does a lot of talking after the before. And after the games Tobias, Harris, great player, Ben Simmons. We know dates occurred ashen. You look at the raptors who don't quite what it is one of the best players in the NBA..

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