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Her and there was one person taking care of these four kids that allege motive that cowl was worried that dealerships would take hit because of the divorce. Not so sad cal side. His lawyer told him Michelle. Couldn't touch the business and that anyway before she vanished. Michelle had decided decided to accept. Gal Settlement offer seven hundred forty thousand dollars. She had indicated to numerous people she was happy with the settlement. Besides Mary. There was plenty of money to go around and no amount of money would have made Kale They say Aha for two million dollars. I'm just going to wipe her out then. There was the blood splatter in the kitchen. Alcove could've been a cut. Finger said the defense in any way nobody could really tell when it was left there. And that's where a prosecution claim. The cow tried to wash away blood on the garage floor. There's a small amount of diluted blood which was found days after the New York state police had walked through this particular area of the House while they were conducting the search coach walking out. It's not going to destroy the blood cells. They can deluded if their if their boots are wet. Finally the defense decided jurors needed to hear from CAL Harris Zor carrying carrying father. Not as the medicine husband the statement about to be so that offended took the stand. It was nerve wracking. I you know obviously my life is. He's on the line and my kids. Are you know their lives on the line. He admitted to an affair blamed himself for the end of the marriage but denied he threatened hurt or tried tried to control Michelle if anything he said Michelle had been living a bit of a wildlife staying out all hours just before she disappeared. She came when she pleased East. She had money to spend wasn't tracking her down the babysitters here the nannies were here She was off doing whatever she was. I don't even know what she was doing was enough. The jury deliberated for almost two days. And it wasn't guilty again. Takes your breath away. You know it's like in stabbed in the stomach. Just I'm numb. You know I already been through it once. Family and friends stepped in took care of his small kids who began a weekly ritual. Visiting Dad in prison Taylor the eldest he go and you get to see him for two hours a week. And you got a bunch of other people talking and it's loud loud and can't really have a private conversation. That leaving was definitely the hardest part for us. I mean yell at the other. Well what was it like. Driving three years go by then came a day in October. Two thousand twelve. When cal Harris found himself crying for joy in the prison yard rare? I mean this is really a new chance at freedom. You urgency from the kids. This is kind of our time to come out and do our part and a whole new theory on the case. It's it's all coming together. It's time to look elsewhere. Trial number three. Hey It's Chris as you know sometimes it's good to just take a step back from the day-to-day onslaught of news and take a broader. Look at the issues. That's what I'm doing each week on my podcast. Why is this happening happening? Were exploring topics ranging from school segregation to climate change. Well the way that I think of it is climate change will be to the twenty th century what modernity was to the nineteenth century. It'll be the central subject of questions about economic justice. Everything you care about in the world will be affected by climate and digging deep with guests uniquely qualified to analyze issues from mass incarceration them to race relations. As you know for the first time in our history at the national level whites are on the verge of losing their majority status in twenty years. And I think it's no coincidence that that our politics are getting more tribal. Join me for wise is happening new episodes every Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts. Gal Hera's won the lottery. It can hardly even more surprising than the news he heard in the prison yard October. Two thousand twelve his rare. Though I mean this is really rare for what happened. and New. York's Court of appeals overturned cows second murder conviction said the trial judge made mistakes during jury selection and when he allowed hearsay testimony so the Appeals Court order. Trial number. Three Qiao once again went home to the house and Empire Lake and his four growing children. Tanner you're the youngest was in eighth grade. Then Restaurant High School Alice. Great what a change easy. It didn't take long. Who just all he had to adjust to what our plans or yeah? Well you've been coping on your own for so long. Take this time this third chance. The kids were determined. This would be different. We want to know that our dad will not be taken away from must again for a client. We now he did not commit. It was a very public coming out. Kayla address the cameras rest of the kids and their teary eyed at sued by. We not sit here in silence and watch another tragedy of justice take place launched a tip line asking the public to help find find out what really happened to Michelle was march. Two thousand fourteen. It's time for a real investigation. That will give us answers. I think it was. It's a good thing for us to finally come out and talk about it. Carol hired new lawyers and they condemn the state for an investigation which they said was blind to any suspect but their client lead. Defense attorney Bruce Bar cat. They've pursued this man. For fourteen years with scant evidence. The defense went back to witnesses. The police had interviewed years before. Talk to others and heard a whole new story of Michelle's last hours on earth I earlier. Trials said reveal the mother of four had been hanging with an unsavory crowd coworkers. Customers from her waitressing job attorney. I eat a lesson ring. There were people there that had criminal records. There were people there that were dealing drugs. There were people there that were making sexual advances on the night. She vanished after she left her boyfriend's place now new. They said that Michelle did not go home because one of those witnesses reported seeing her later we do that night with another man a local steelworker attorney done on September eleventh on that night in a bar in a dance dance club. He actually said and that he was there but then he left the two of them alone and he went home. Steelworkers pod with Michelle was a regular at her restaurant to the defense his name was stacy. Stewart the defense said. He told his friends he had a sexual relationship with Michelle and said the Defense Stacey Stewart appeared to be the very man Kevin Top saw with with Michelle in the early hours of September twelve. There was a blonde woman out there and a young gentleman You know in his early twenty s dubs identified that man from a photograph his physical appearance his facial hair his height of his age and the type of vehicle drove dubs said the man he saw was standing beside a black truck. Stacey Stewart owned a black truck same kind and it's a new model and it's a Chevy and you look everything up and it's all coming together. Stacey Stewart has denied any involvement Michelle's disappearance. He's denied he ever had relationship with Michelle. said he was never even loan with her. Still Cal side was convinced that Stewart and a friend of his played some role in Michelle's IOS disappearance in two thousand fifteen trial number three opened in the town of Harry. The change of venue necessary said the defense because the case was too well known tiogue Noga County and the defense managed to get some of the prosecution's case thrown out. The state wasn't allowed to suggest as it had before the blood was spilled around the time show disappeared the have forensic scientists get up and speculate and guess how old blood was based upon the caller from a photograph is not rage. Asli unsupported proposition also out hearsay testimony from prosecution witnesses. Who said Michelle told then? The cow threatened her life. We don't think they belong to evidence as part of the reason cases on the first time in the second time then the defense attempted to present its evidence evidence about that alternate suspect Stacey Stewart and the judge. Shut them down. The jury would only be allowed to hear. Stewart's name that Michelle knew him that Kevin Tubbs had idead him and that he owned a black truck of the time. No more why. Because Stacey Stewart wasn't on trial Caldera's was the wrong man. Attorneys insisted cow did not deserve to be on trial and frankly Michelle Shell and the her family deserve better. We all WanNa know what happened to her. It's time to look elsewhere. There was a new prosecutor. You too this time. Thai Yoga Counties Kirk Martin. He made the same arguments as the previous. Da Saying the evidence pointed to cal Harris killing his wife. The trial took three months and finally late April the jury got it and the waiting began. Michelle's family still convinced convinced. That cal was guilty. His you're a corner of your brain thinks maybe it was somebody else not at all not at all well cow and his family hoped the jury had been persuaded otherwise. You know. You have been confident before when you've gone on trial because you sir. I didn't do it. I should be acquitted and yet you weren't. So how does that impact your thinking now. Just by what Bruce and his is team have done in the investigation. It's got create some doubt and we didn't have that before so uncertainty. By this time it was a way of life for for the children so I think you know if things don't go our way it'll definitely you know turn all of our world's upside down but I think we're I know we're tough enough. We'll get through it but you know you definitely don't like to think about that kind of thing. We definitely plans what we WANNA do. That's all said and done and over with with the good end turns out. We'll talk about that at all AK Shen. So we're cool. Maybe.

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