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Swivel after a year leaving the Green River Road area on the westbound side of the ninety one next reports coming up at two thirty five I'm least hours more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio give me a gorgeous day later on in the overnight lows in the forties and fifties and there is a wind advisory in effect through Wednesday by Sunday we could see some slight showers but later on today beautiful LA and Orange County see temperatures climb into the eighties around eighty three today with those strong winds specially in the canyons and valleys and Inland Empire CA conditions with a high of around eighty two at the beaches mid to upper seventies right now in Long Beach clear skies and fifty three degrees Santa Ana fifty six and in Chino it's forty eight if you miss the latest traffic report or today's KNX in depth now you can rewind on the radio dot com app and hear them anytime download the app today eight accused of August biker gang members have been acquitted of all charges stunning those present in the Las Vegas court room they then accused of belonging to a broad criminal racketeering enterprise that committed violent crimes for more than a decade including the killing of a rival Hells Angels leader in a casino shoot out in twenty eleven one defense attorney said the outcome is the result of the government relying on tricks and liars the jury deliberated only about two days after more than five months of testimony in a trial that saw some witnesses stunningly or you can't their own stories on the witness stand and is now a page from the diary of flow dear diary there's.

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