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Peninsula canceling mean the possibility that there could be a freer exchange between north and south korea families that have been comp that has been cut off for each other more than fifty years it would be like the mason dixon line had separated the upper part of the united states from the lower part of the united states families divided and i'm able to see each other jeff pohjola with abc's lana zak money at twenty and fifty past the hour on komo news the propel insurance money and business updates to bring it to you at twenty and fifty past the hour here from abc news wall street now stocks in the week without a lot of movement the dow closed down twelve points the nasdaq rose supporting the s and p gained three the latest gdp report shows the economy is slowing down a bit coming in at two point three percent annual growth in the first quarter of this year now that's still more than many economists were predicting and it was enough to push growth over the past year close to three percent that was the goal set by the trump administration private sector workers getting their biggest pay raise and more than a decade the labor department says wages rose by one percent from january to march daria albinger abc news be busy this weekend and you might notice that you're traveling whatever route that many of the boats interstate very system will reach retirement age in the next twenty four years five of them in the next decade and how's the state plan to replace them the ferry system says sixty years is roughly the useful lifespan of a state vary and thirteen of the state's twenty three boats will hit that cut off by the year twenty forty two the first comes next year when the eightyseven car capacity telecomm and one hundred forty four car hayek reached the end of their service lives the kids have sun reports the ferry system has begun long range planning efforts to replace those vessels it's a process that involves much more than ordering the construction of new boats a system spokesperson tells the sun they have to examine projected ridership growth there's also the vaccine issue of which terminals must be upgraded to accommodate modern boats after the telecomm and hayek age out next year the next retirements would come in.

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