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But I think of it more as world film fans and sharing information just spoke to a couple of hours ago, get shit as the nicest guy, he and I and David Russell my Alexander. Payne story went to the Nixon museum about fourteen years ago. Almost got thrown out several times making jokes. It's the Nixon museum and pain is very funny. So as David Russell, and we were just doing bits little time. If you keep doing this. We're gonna have to ask you to leave. And then later she's like, I'm tempted to ask you to leave. And I was like kind of wish we'd all thrown out. How did chaining get the boot the movie it's not I'm not gonna use the word glaring? But they go Cheney got the boot from Yale. What it said we had more know the original draft, of course, one hundred eighty pages long. I he got shot it like that. And we yeah, he openly says he drank the entire time and didn't go to classes. There's a story of him riding a tricycle down like two flights of stairs for a party. They had in their like, they don't call them dorms there. They call them like colleges or whatever wherever he was staying. And there's insinuations that may be some raucous punches kind of stuff, and is then so he lost his scholarship, and then his parents scrimped to pay for them to see pull it out. And then eventually was like get out of your, but the stories ir where they use very insecure. He would wear his cowboy boots around and shot of the boots. Yes. On the word boots. My God, you made the movie for me little freaked out caught everything you didn't know you made the movie and little to Bush. He was like an yeah. Secure guy would treat everyone like they weren't real. I'm from Wyoming look at my boots and the Yale guys like this guy. Kind of sad. And then one of his friends described seeing them on the day..

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