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Banquet and conference center in the morning and of course former vice president Joe Biden who is also at Drake University so our cameras are positioned to show you the speeches will be the one place we'll have them in their entirety and the results in the meantime let's hear from you will Jim is up next from a Malcolm Iowa Jim good evening hi there great Jim you're on the air yes this call in in the kind of let everyone out there know what we see here and I want him to be I caucus the location where we had about thirty people present been in comparison to another town that only ten minutes away lot much larger turnout we had a little bit colourings group not even a viable at our caucus location but ten minutes away she has almost forty seven percent of the vote so really analyzing this one precinct isn't can you give me a lot of information that's going to be an interesting night we feel this coming thanks for the call Jim will be watching as well Michael in Bloomfield hills Michigan good evening first I want to thank you for running this why have a report from the carcass sorry this is for the first time on the one hand that you know it's great to see democracy in action I'm in my sixties I'm also excited to see so many people under my age or act of their on the other hand we really need to go to a national primary one day a let the states decide whether they want to DO carcasses were foreigners but I don't know I was agree state they're wonderful people there is no Thomas even participate and exciting to see the participating this is not representative some of the country and it would be much better if we we've been talking about this for a few decades to go on national primary to respect the problems Michael thank you just handful of people left at valley high school in west des Moines and Brian Conley who is still there working through the numbers and making sure that all the information is sent to the Iowa Democratic Party Jonathan Martin the New York times with an update from day the challenge of CNN reporting that the I would Democrats expecting at least some of the results at nine central that's the about ten minutes away ten and ten o'clock here in the east well the next to Susan and lock my Colorado great season when you're on the air hi hi thank you yes Sir I wanted to say first off thank you for the coverage greatly appreciate having the exposure to the Iowa caucuses never having seen it first hand always curious about it and how it works this is my second time watching it the first time with a little bit confusing tonight it was very clear and I got inspired because it's really great to see so many people from the community come out and exercise there their responsibility their privilege to vote and participate in the number in the election process for me that was heartening because we are so divided and we tend to rely on headlines and bite nowadays for information so to see people actually coming together the community and participating was very helpful to see how transparent it is and that we can still agree on our democratic process so I just wanted to say thank you I really enjoyed seeing the coverage tonight well Susan thank you very much again kinda lonely room there right now with the the caucus organizer but you saw some video earlier it was full with participants from some of the top tier candidates and want to share with you some early results these are mostly from satellite caucus locations including outside Iowa here in Washington DC there was a cockroach location one in Minnesota and a couple of issues including in London and in Paris and the results showing that with really just a few hundred votes total only one percent of the caucus participants but the former mayor south in Indiana with the lead at twenty six point eight percent about seven twelve votes followed by senator Bernie Sanders it just over twenty three percent former vice president Joe Biden at nineteen and a half percent translating to about five hundred and nineteen votes and senator Elizabeth Warren at sixteen point one percent or about four hundred and twenty eight votes again this is a very small percentage mostly satellite coccus locations we do not have the results yet from the Iowa Democratic Party let's go to Mike in Hammonton New Jersey good evening Mike you with us hello yes please go ahead yeah my name is Mike not might okay hello Frank yeah well I believe in the quarters uses that but I agree with the previous one of the previous set of speakers I'm a Republican and all pro Donald Trump I think he's doing a great job as president but I think that our nation wide the primary is probably the best thing because that'll give us really result all these here court decision and in different places just give you one and that town exactly as state hello all suffer through to read I can understand some of it but I also agree that the the the Republican users should say my army that tree nationwide I think Donald Trump would put I read all state the whole country I and that on the Republican side to say that some of the some of the stuff of movie lore on that I disagree with like he tried it is the allies and stuff the democratic very nation which given food to discredit trial from even before he became president a let the man do his job a used Cadillac good job instead of course a range of dollars wasted money my colleague there thanks to call a reminder we will have live coverage of the president's state of the union address it will get under way at nine o'clock eastern time our preview programming at eight o'clock eastern time tomorrow evening that will be followed by the democratic response and then of course Wednesday on C. span to the Senate with the expected acquittal of of the president the final part of the impeachment trial and we're in New Hampshire beginning tomorrow with event coverage with the results based on what's happening here tonight in Iowa will be with the former vice president Joe Biden with the Sanders campaign and with the warring campaign you can follow work schedule online.

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