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Studios when you want the ability to adjust your loan options in a really time. Rocket can Thanks so much for being with us, everybody big shows so far this morning. We continue. Kiran CBS Sports Radio with Iron Eagle, who will join us in 40 minutes from now from the NBA's bubble, he's calling games for the NBA on TNT on the Yes network for Brooklyn Nets games. I'll talk to I in about what we've seen for the first three days of action. We've had some really good action last night. Luca Don Cheech and the Dallas Mavericks take game too. Sanchez and Poor Zynga's were phenomenal is a 12 punch, and they take game too, from the two seated L. A Clippers and so now that matchup is 11. And remember, the maps could have one game number one had prison has not been thrown out of the game. On a bogus bunk call, So it's been a bit of a jittery start for the Clippers. Don church has been brilliant and the map should be filling really good right now about those 11 Siri's as the seven seed. Also last night, Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz, not their Siri's at one against the three seeded Denver Nuggets. Mitchell's had a breakout postseason in his first two games as well. Mitchell has done this other playoffs. But inside the bubble right now early. A lot of attention is on the NBA's playoffs, and Mitchell is bringing it What a great first two games he has had. And yesterday. Interestingly, we had The Raptor's on the ropes for most of the game before surging late to defeat the Brooklyn Nets. We'll talk about all of that with I and eagle coming up here on the show. In about 40 minutes. Also in 20 minutes, we've got Canadian bacon. Morales takes us through the day in the Stanley Cup playoffs. But I want to begin with the NFL playoff bubble. Because this is something that Sean Payton is apparently brought to the competition committee or had come across the competition committee. And they are seriously considering this now. This bubble Would mean that the regular season it's played. And that once they get to the playoffs, they would play all the playoffs somewhere inside the dome. And everybody would be relegated to the same type of environment that the N B A. R. N h. L bubbles are under The league has made no commitments. But Troy Vincent, who's the VP of football operations, said he's not sure whether it's something that they could do legally. But that all of these things are on the table. Troy Vincent, saying We didn't use the term bubble but secure environment to make sure that there's no risk from the outside his team started making that playoff drive. We did tell Coach Payton that it was something that both our chief medical officer and other teams would explore. These are things we just have to be flexible on. Let me tell you. I think it's a good idea. Now don't get me wrong. I love the idea of the NFL playing games in their home stadiums, even if there's no fans. Even if there's no fans, I have, like the idea of teams being able to play in their own stadiums. I think it'll look better and feel better than the baseball games. And here's why. Baseball's being played in their own home stadiums, but They're so much downtime dead time in baseball, and there's so many seats that are visible on every camera shot. Specifically, you're watching. A hitter in front of home plate and their seats behind him. And when any balls into the outfield, you're seeing thousands of empty seats in the NFL. You don't a have a lot of silence and dead time and non action. And B. You just don't see the seats very much when you watch a football game. You just don't see anything, but maybe the first couple of rows of seats every so often around the endzone, but ultimately it's just not part of the visibility of every shot. So I think it's going to be a lot better. There's more action and football. You don't see empty seats. So knowing that the Chiefs are playing at Arrowhead. The Packers are playing at Lambeau. The Cowboys were playing a Jerry world All those things to me make the NFL season feel better look better. So I'd hate the idea of the A F. C championship game between you know the Chiefs and Ravens being played in Houston or being played in Indianapolis. That kind of sucks. But here's the thing. If the NFL makes it through this 17 week, regular season and we've way have our playoff teams. That's not the time you want the fly in the ointment. It's not the time you wanted outbreak. It's not the time you want a marlin situation where you're trying to grab 10 guys off the street or the practice squad or not being able to play. You know, that's you can finagle that you can maneuver around a Marlins or a cardinal situation of the regular season. It's just a thing. If the Dolphins come down with 12 guys that have it on Thursday, they don't have to play Sunday. You skipped that game, the Dolphins forfeit. What have you You can't really do that in the playoffs. I mean, could you imagine the buildup of a F C divisional round game or the Saints or taking on the Vikings of the NFC divisional round? The Viking seven outbreak. You just have to forfeit the Saints. Don't play that football game, then just go into the NFC championship game totally refreshed two weeks. Rest. It can't So I think the bubble makes sense..

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