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This morning in anhydrous ammonia spill near Green Bay and twenty ninth. Police and firefighters telling anyone within a mile radius to stay inside and keep windows closed. We've been watching video from the helicopter this morning. They're spraying water on an ammonia tank. That has been towed by a John Deere tractor in an area again around Green Bay and twenty-ninth. We'll have more on this coming up at six thirty from the WGN newsroom. Closure from that Green Bay road is closed out between Wadsworth and twenty. I also watching an accident on the tri-state involving a car fire. This is southbound southwest highway two right lanes are blocked with that causing northbound delays as well. And otherwise just starting to build on most of the expressway's up to thirty five minutes. Inbound Eisenhower from fifty three inbound Stevenson thirty six from the tri-state in the Kennedy about twenty six from O'Hare clear on the Edens. And the Dan Ryan for traffic on demand. Get the traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts. If team hochburg just search T R A F F, I X Chicago. I'm Eric van Velde from the traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. Gene. Happy. They can crumbles. Now that I think of it. I'll just go to Little Caesars. A big deep dish. Instead. Little Caesars large hun reading big fifty. This pepperoni and bacon. Pizza Repton over three and a half feet of bacon for just twelve bucks at participating locations. Plus bates. This third bike the drive Sunday morning may twenty six it only happens once a year. Cycle was family friends on a car free lakeshore drive and see the city like never before joining the festival in Butler field from eight to noon for live music fifth. Third funds zone for kids and a pancake. Breakfasts bike rentals. Available registered today at five three bike the drive dot org. Proceeds benefit the nonprofit active transportation alliance which supports better biking walking. And public transit in Chicago land sign up today. I'm ready.

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