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JonBenet killer remains at large We looked at lots of suspects. Now the killing of John Bunny. The final suspects follows a brand new investigation into America's most heinous, unsolved murder in this exclusive 12 part documentary series. We're looking into the top 10 suspects that were never pursued. Are there other suspects that need to be looked at absolute Should there be other suspects? Deena's collected? Absolutely. When Lee Detective Lou Smith died, he left behind a list of suspects he felt were most likely responsible for this crime. He may have run out of time. Now with that list in hand, will investigate each person one by one. My name's Doug Longini. I've been reporting on this case for 20 years and now assembled a team of investigators to track down every name on Detective. Loose mints list of all the police department's still to this day will not come out and give any information follow along as theories are tested. New DNA evidence is presented and suspect are questions along the way. I believe we have the name of the killer on loose list. And we need to now put in the effort track down these individuals like their DNA and rule on end for our bottom line. There's still a killer out there. The killing of John A. The final suspects 11 51 welcome back to the show and get to Today's.

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