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Our station website. Fox news. I'm Carmen Roberts to Houston. Police. Officers are in critical condition to others hospitalized after a shootout with drug suspects as police served a warrant officers announce themselves. That's when two people inside the home started to shoot at them. Or of the officers was struck by bullets lets you suspects were shot and killed here at the scene. Natasha goggle with FOX twenty six in Houston. Police say that neighbors tipped off police to drug activity in the neighborhood. The acting attorney general says the special is Russia investigation is almost done. That you Whitaker says he's been fully briefed on special counsel, Robert Muller's investigation, telling reporters his close to being completed, and I hope that we can get the report from director more Muller soon as we as possible Whitaker has been overseeing the Muller investigation since taking over the top spot at the Justice department last year, Jared Halpern vis is Fox News. This is HouseCall for health and the Oscar nominated movie green book fried chicken plays a leading role. I've never had fried chicken at my life the voter fraud. A very narrow assessed. Fried chicken is good. But a new study says it's not good for you. The study says people who showdown on fried chicken once a week or more are more likely to die in early death. The risk is especially high among older women where the risk of premature death is thirteen percent higher. The co author of the study says he's not certain why and suspects the negative health effects is roughly equal for all.

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