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Actor Fred ward has died known for playing astronaut Gus Grissom in the movie the right stuff And most recently is Eddie Velcro on HBO's True Detective variety rights ward had the retro tough guy look of a Humphrey Bogart Fred ward was 79 Rapper Young Thug's lawyers filing an emergency motion to get him released on bond immediately Young Thug it dozens of others were arrested this week on a 56 count racketeering indictment in Atlanta They've all been denied bond His attorney tells TMZ the rapper is being held at a windowless cement cell with only a bed in a toilet that the light stays on 24 hours a day and at the state of George's violating the rapper's constitutional rights I'm Scott Carr There's been a plot twist in Elon Musk's bid to buy Twitter the world's richest man tweeted Friday his highly publicized plan to buy Twitter was temporarily on hold after learning that fake accounts make up nearly 5% of listed Twitter users The claim was made in a regulatory finding The Tesla and SpaceX CEO says he wants more details about that finding before completing his bid but maintains he's still committed to it This inspired a tweet from rapper Snoop Dogg who said he'd consider buying the platform if Musk doesn't A man is dead in South Florida after driving a ban through a gauge at a high school police spokesman Mike jackal says the man was shot Friday by a West Palm Beach police officer After the man ran into the auditorium at the Dreyfus school of the arts it's not known yet if the suspect was armed no students were in the area.

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