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A price for preparation your whole off season they knew who they were gonna play game one and they got excited to be in this game and you got it their tenacity from the opening kickoff and now we'll see if they can keep pace down seven nothing there is the quarterback from the twenty five yard line takes a step closer to the flat incomplete looking for DR Jackson and it was the true freshman Christian Heris linebacker was on a the entire way old for for for quick Harris the fifth year senior from Wilton Connecticut taking over for Daniel Jones yes nearly three years starter for two Jones is having a little difficulty just died the tiny beam it really comes to his feet second the tale of a man emotional to sweep off to the right side Jaylen Calhoun trying to find a scene gets across twenty five yard line and we'll see with a mark of up to the a twenty seven yard line a gain of two five eleven freshmen from Greenville South Carolina jailing Calhoun and I think if you fear do you have to protect protect quickly here is a little bit by moving the pocket right maybe a little dash action the only problem is you start to shorten the field would you start running towards the sideline thirty day for the blue devils at the twenty seven from the right have so they are free receivers to the why the left side there is takes the snap good protection his first series coming back from a quarter of suspension the sample secondly laws fourth down for two well it's real Lewis lined up he had his hand in the third he ends up running just a kind of a TV star he comes looking back inside right through the gap right through the center of that Duke offense of line and a great sack that time by to roll with us there must be nice analogy Heris divide Terry Smith Terrell Louis all coming back after one quarter suspension to start the year old dividends early in the second quarter Austin Parker the potter for Duke waiting at the five yard line in jail and while the electric return man standing at the forty two are right there's a snap kick was pressured but I'm touched spiraling kick driving waddle back he waves fair catch and he makes it inside the twenty five yard line at the twenty four a beautiful kick by Austin Parker fifty seven yards brings us to a time out Alabama has the ball.

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