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Here's one that says just quick. Thank you. I'm not against reading those. Says, dear, Steve. Parentheses and busy. I just wanted to drop. You'll line and say, thanks for the hours of enjoyment. We're a doctor says, brought me. I recommend it to absolutely everyone. I recommend it to absolutely everyone is as it is currently my go-to podcast for relaxation and laughs. Odd that you use this for relaxation Anna, or is it on. I have a real issue with Ana Ana. I have multiple friends named on a and I have multiple friends name Anna, and they all spell. And if I mispronounce it to one of them, they get really offended. Hey, what's up? PANA. Ana. Okay. It's just I have five other friends name Anna. It's spelled the same. But it's really not a problem. Relax ation lifts. I recently introduced it to my SIS on a long drive had to start with my very favorite episode. This is poop. We were doubled over laughing at your camp story. So special. Thanks for those. And I have also checked out every old episode of. For those who don't know. That's my old podcast. Every old episode of I hunt down. Absolutely loved it. Well, thank you. Anna slash Ana, please keep up the good work and for what it's worth, the solo Soad's are every bit as funny, entertaining as the ones with busy guests in to- so please do keep them going greetings from a totally healthy non hypochondriac fan in Vienna, Austria. I've always wanted to go to Austria. I just want to travel the world and take photos. It's really all I'm doing all this stuff for my life is. To be able to do this podcast also to travel the world. Take photos. Eventually like to put out a book. And if those of you doubt me go to my Instagram, not the where no doctors, it's Graham, but my personal, Steve AG at Steve AG. Instagram. It's just full of photos that I take. Very few photos myself. I don't like posting photos myself. I'm I, like I like photography anyway. Thank you. Anna on a. And have a great day. All.

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