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Marine biologist or sewer. Let's talk it what it is sewer operations supervisor. Now, you may be a woman who wants to be a sewer operations supervisor. That's great. But the point is if you have one hundred women, how many of those hundred would choose marine biologist, and how many of them would choose wastewater treatment supervisor even if fifty one of them fifty one women chose marine biologist and forty nine women chose wastewater supervisor then it would still skew the numbers and make a look like women are paid unequally because the marine biologist gets paid thirty dollars an hour and the sewer supervisor gets thirty eight dollars an hour. And that's just a choice that women and men make that are different. There's no institutional bias there. So what are you going to do there? I'm going to do you're going to change the structure of a male and female brain to make it more women want to become sewer treatment supervisors over marine biologist we talking about it's ridiculous conversation. And none of the stupid conversation matters until you show me one woman one man both of them are water treatment supervisors both have been on the job the same amount of time. And they've both to the same quality work. Then we can talk. But you can't make statements like all the city the city entire city pays women eighty three cents and the dollars men. That is such a second grade analysis seriously, a fifth grader came out with that conclusion. I would ask that fifth grader to think a little deeper about it. Yet. We have the mayor and all these other people coming out and acting like it's Ghazal true. I'm not exaggerate fifth-grader said. Oh, yeah. Look at the numbers here. It looks at women are paid eighty three cents in the Dow I'd say, well, let's let's talk about some other variables that may play into that a fifth grader could think about that. That's why getting annoyed of this conversation. But last year, we are one eight hundred seven sixty K FM be one hundred seven sixty five three six two. If you have any comments on that again, I feel like we're done with I feel I put that into bed. But. Barely not pal. Amar solar. This is some math as well. This is some second grader math to. Here's how much pain for genie..

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