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Monique Kobyla this you'll give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world good evening fifty degrees at nine o'clock on a Saturday the second of November I'm Donavan and here's what's happening he may not be a New Yorker anymore officially but president trump is back in mid town tonight protesters ready to greet him outside an ultimate fighting event and we don't mean politics security and road closures are ready to go with the forty ninth New York City marathon during tens of thousands of insurance athletes to the city tomorrow that's got master on Long Island accused of molesting a young boy scout and a test run today for the new balloons will see at this year's Macy's thanksgiving day parade tended wins accu weather says chilly overnight low forty with just a few patchy clouds then a good amount of sun tomorrow but a gusty nippy breeze will blow high fifty two this is like the camel keep on top of the next game tonight there in Detroit hockey islanders and devils both an action Rangers won the game this afternoon and we'll preview tomorrow's jets Miami mantra wins news time nine oh one from the ram truck traffic center here Sir Beckham is our spot like you just mentioned on the present he is in the city so we've got some road closures right now if you are driving north between the Brooklyn Bridge and fifty ninth street bridge that is close also thirty fourth is closed between eighth Avenue and mass now you expect heavy delays on Madison Square Garden also if you can just avoid mid town right now the F. T. R. south on also very slow from a seventy nine heading towards housed in and here's what we see on Long Island big three not too much on the southern state the northern state you do have a crash in the area Willis Avenue causing delays in both directions and the L. I eat moving find the cross Bronx he's been a crash right by White Plains road taking out the left lane the lease it back towards the major Deegan and here's what you need to know about the bridges and the tunnels the Georgia the winking you're doing fine the homes on a lot of trying to ten to fifteen in both directions Brooklyn Bridge is slammed both ways and the women's Berg bridge heading inbound very heavy and then dragging on the land sea I'm recognize outs next report at nine eleven on ten ten wins some tight security in mid town it tonight as president trump visits his.

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