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And joy high school not too much boris cavs game three like i said we'll get you ready for that i'll get ready for that pregame in about a half an hour giants walk off the arizona diamondbacks after ellen hansen it's a two run shot with two outs in the bottom of the ninth of box burger ties it up and i'll have to ask because again we're facebook games we can get a chance to to see it i don't have facebook although you gotta chancy hundley right before hanson hit the home run but i didn't get a chance to see the tenth inning so i'm not sure if diamondbacks lavelle just thought that was a good matchup tayfun against crawford crawford is a hottest hitter in the game if he's not he's right there is guys is killing a right now and to let him beat you i don't know if they want to bring it into the righty maybe they didn't have a righty warming up and there were two outs i think when mccutchen hit the double so maybe it was like double and then all of a sudden we have enough time to get a righty up if we want to give crawford free pass and get to longoria so again being a chance to see it facebook thank you very much the last one of those it's whatever it's baseball games to watch i'm not gonna cry about one game but i thought it was like a one game deal it is in the backyard barbecuing and.

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