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The other way right away here's tom bro took over that coaching duties of months ago more on him when we get a chance fourth line out here right now for the managers when he's given zone nice reviving opposite of back down one and i'm it for florida in the quarter stars scrappy on a tall can use moves up the board strong work that time by cody eakin racing after displayed learned he and ekblad going to the corner second guy there for florida its four sharp was on him for second now four to just work his way with with the gary butler and the panthers do get it out that utilize during the working on that planning for another rule there for your hudler get to pick boys he has the puck again in neutralize now steps on funny change reply stars were getting jj we leave my quickly through average short that so why florida zone basic gives it going around the boards or do you come down to the point position sgarbossa was raised his role immediately there's no room as a bit much room players we'll be very night green uniforms all of the panthers do get it down the ice dallas stars are field the wind passes all to the part of that better being picked off look at the partial today turn another one overthrow jaguars but don't worry jordy been sold out down it's underneath him the referees giving given the whistle that is bound to your the down of watched on that one the much to triple a jordy his weight on it and headed to head up and i just yeah the ticket from his backhand was more than and what jordy goes down the pipe his role little bitty wondered how to walk to the middle of the ice and with jordy lay down if you're going up plays that it rolled right into his body and stayed down on got the whistle.

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