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I'm Jason debris in Chapel Hill. North carolina. Authorities in Bakersfield California are investigating why a gunman killed five people before taking his own life. The sheriff of Kern county says the gunman's wife was among three people shot to death at a trucking company later to others were shot at a home in Bakersfield. This is NPR news from Washington. Authorities in China's say the death toll has risen to eleven after they say a man drove an SUV into a crowd in the central part of the country before jumping out and attacking them with a shovel and a dagger had happened Tuesday night in a public square and hang young city. The suspect is said to have a criminal record scientists digging in a cave in South Africa, say they found the oldest known drawing. NPR's Christopher Joyce says it looks a bit like a hashtag ancient humans apparently lived in. What is now called the Blombos cave for thousands of years the NF behind numerous artifacts, including a sort of toolkit of shells and stones for making a pigment called red ochre? Now, researchers report in the journal nature that they found the stone withdrawn lines on it the dates back seventy three thousand years the lines were drawn with red ochre and former rough cross hatched pattern several years ago. The same team found a piece of ochre with cross hatched. Gradings that had been scratched into it. The scientists say these artifacts are evidence of early symbolic thinking by our ancestors. Christopher Joyce NPR news. The Russian military is carrying out what Moscow was calling the country's largest military exercise on record. It's taking place this week in eastern Siberia and involves about three hundred thousand troops Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the war games today. During a visit to a firing range. I'm Dave Mattingly in Washington. Television was banned in Afghanistan until the US drove the Taliban out of power now Afghans has satellite TV foreign movies and a Bollywood standard of beauty next time on the world, a plastic surgeon helps women of one ethnic group to alter the shape of their eyes and noses to change their faces why cosmetic surgeries catching on in Afghanistan. That's on the world. Catch the world with Marco werman this afternoon at two followed by the PBS news hour at three I'm economics correspondent pulse on Wall Street with the starring Adam twos, author of Kranj decade of financial crises changed the world on the next PBS NewsHour. If you need to track someone down in Melbourne you need to call Jack Irish, the former criminal.

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