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Do I pay utility bills or do I purchase food for my household household and no one should have to make that choice. US Agriculture Secretary. Sonny Perdue says the proposal aims to modernize snap and reduce benefit discrepancies between estates. I'm Eric Gladys this is P. N. S. debt collection is pushing families into poverty and needs reform in every state. That's according to a new report. We get more from Eric. Take it off. The National Consumer Law Center released a review of state exemption laws that is protections sounds from seizure by creditors for basic items so that people can't continue to work and support their families J Doran with the statewide poverty. Action Network says more folks are living paycheck to paycheck. People shouldn't be rendered homeless. They shouldn't be rendered jobless they shouldn't be stabilized in a way that's going to be detrimental for their family for themselves and for our greater community at the expense of these debt. National Consumer Law Center did not give any state an eighth grade a landmark. Bill was passed by the House. Judiciary Committee Wednesday. That would decriminalize criminalized marijuana use at the federal level and give states more flexibility in creating unique regulations however it would still need to pass the full House and the Senate where it's expected to stall. Mass shootings often are preventable and a majority of the weapons were obtained legally those are just two of the findings of a Comprehensive Ansah federally funded study released this week from the violence project. Suzanne Potter has more researchers. Found that shooters tend to have four things in common. They've experienced variance childhood trauma there at a crisis point or nurse a specific grievance they study prior massacres and have access to a gun. Professor James Densely a CO author on the study says people shouldn't despair. Solutions are out. There are a lot of times we just right people. All the bad things are going to happen in bad people are GonNa do bad that things and there's nothing we can do about it but actually all data showing us. There's a lot of warning signs and there's a lot of actually opportunities for intervention if we have the right pieces in place the data show that at one hundred sixty seven mass shootings.

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