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Conservative lena epstein lena epstein is running for congress to fight for michigan and america epstein was president trump's campaign co chair in michigan so she knows what it means to make america great again lena is a political outsider and she'll stand with president trump to secure the border stop illegal immigration defunte sanctuary cities and a the rule of law our border is a national security disaster president trump is right to deploy the national guard in congress san with president trump to build the wall deport the criminals and put america first tough proven conservative political outsider lena epstein will secure the border cut taxes strengthen our military and put america first conservative businesswoman lena epstein for congress i'm lena obscene and i approve this message trae four by lena for congress michigan success is always chasing i'm brian kelly i've redefine the role of lieutenant governor i was the driving force behind historic tax cuts and cast the deciding vote to balance michigan's budget what happened half a million jobs have been created we hit the lowest unemployment rate in seventeen years in michigan's economic growth is outpacing most other states today michigan is i knew manufacturing jobs i in john rosen great lakes stage and incomes rising top ten brian kelly has the experience to continue the comeback and take michigan to the next level that's why brian kelly governor snyder's full endorsement don't risk sending michigan backwards other candidates can only give you promises but brian kelly has the proof i'm brian kelly the only candidate who can hit the ground running let's continue to come back the next generation of conservative leadership brian kelly for governor paid for by brian kelly for governor the john mccullough show is brought to you in part by dr richard klein at the michigan head and neck institute.

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