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Fix. Hey if you want to do the opposite of what you just heard. Here meaning improvised but dramatically it sooner taking a workshop with me chris. Shaw dot com slash workshops baby spots affiliate up. People are watching the classes. It's a good time. It's real time you know what i mean. Drill time shirt. go that play. And let's hear from one of the former students now if we could who had a successful run at that class. Larry is yeah. My name's larry take a real good class things to do and mark dagley already. Thank you so much for being here. Oh it's always a delight. Thanks for having me working folks find your wares. Should you wanna share them. I'm online At mark gags on everything and I have Podcast with how love and called. We got this with mark and hal So check that out on maximum fund. That's been going on a couple of years. Now here's years yes. Thank you very. Well and craig krakow's skate. Thank you so much for being here as always all my pleasure. Sorry if i wasn't a hundred percent you know concentrated during this Recording because i was finishing which board the entire time and tony contain rest in peace was fantastic in it and that we g board man the demon that it contained it was scary so absolutely. Check it out. It's only vhs at and Good luck finding funny. Yeah and thank you craig Whose wifi we will fix between now and next time just to get Our producer and engineer the stars mr. Doug bayne the hell off our backs. James thank you very much for From chicago land and Still looking for that address at crystal lake whenever you're comfortable and I will text you my address to send me a key. So i can go break into your place and Solve your problem thank you. I appreciate it with garbage and trash. And let's thank our in prison stars. Mr doug bayne remember.

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