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Nine FM. WBZ news time eight fifteen math time for a look at sports with Rick Greg about forty five minutes into the running of the Chicago marathon, the elite runners at least there's a pack of about all we'll call it fifteen or so who are at the front of the pace. We'll see how that sorts out over the next hour. Plus, they're looking at least that much more time before somebody crosses the finish line. A little after nine thirty today. Excitement last night at Saint Louis were Jonathan tapes recorded his sixth career hat trick in a five. Overtime. Blackhawk win is going to be a tough game. And all the guys that haven't been part of this team for a long time. They bought into the rivalry. We have with this team and everyone showed up and wanted to win tonight. So it's fun fun to win on the road. Here tapes scored at the end of the first than seven minutes into the third to tie the game in two twenty into overtime to win it Canaan. Krueger also scored and Cam ward stopped twenty six shots home opener tonight, including a pre-game tribute to stand Makita and the traditional red carpet. Walk Toronto the opponent the wolves beat Colorado five one there to baseball Astros over Cleveland, three one that's a to nothing LDS lead. But the keys wrote to Gary Sanchez homers to a six two win over Boston at a series tie both National League divisional series resumed today. Branch Snickers still at three at the Safeway opened a Napa entering round four the fire meet DC United at noon, you see Habib beat McGregor decisively then jumped into the crowd and attacked a member of mcgregor's crew and to be beside jumped into the octagon to attack McGregor. Have you will keep the title lose the money? College football, Illinois has a conference victory for the first time in what seems like forever. Lovey Smith point three months or so since we had a big ten win. So all of its head to go back to what you do as you. Celebrate a road win the big ten, but I'll locked rooms are the same. There's no feeling like a winning locker room. And a no doubt win at that. Thirty eight seventeen at Rutgers with quarterback AJ Bush running for one hundred sixteen yards in two touchdowns. And throwing for another score. Northwestern topple number twenty Michigan state twenty nine thousand nineteen hundred east Lansing despite atonal rushing yards Clayton Thorson three and three hundred seventy three yards in the air. Plus another touchdown on the ground. Michigan Wisconsin, Iowa number three higher state all one soda numbers. One two and four but not fifth-ranked LSU upended by four to twenty seven nineteen. There's an opening for number six Notre Dame which beat number twenty four Virginia Tech on the road. Forty-five Twenty-three northern beat ball state twenty four sixteen Chicago public league football games cancelled over the weekend that we made up tomorrow at NFL, of course, no bears on this by. Week. Packers are in Detroit early Vikings. Visit Philly this afternoon. We'll have next Sunday's bears. Dolphins game here beginning at nine and pre game at nine and kickoff at noon here on the home of the bears RIC. Greg NewsRadio seven eighty five point nine FM..

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