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Hour sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance. I'm Christopher Cruise in Washington. Police in New York City are now investigating whether a man who attacked three police officers with a machete on New Year's Eve was radicalized online, a police source has identified the accused 19 year old attacker as Trevor bickford of wells Maine. Reporter Aisha Reid is in wills. Investigators spent New Year's Day in and out of Trevor bickford's family home in wells. Neighbors like Steve isles kept an eye on what was happening. Just kind of hard to believe I was just shocked. Walls is a very small community and you think did this really just happen here. According to police, the 19 year old took the Amtrak train from Maine to New York on December 29th. A source tells WCBS TV in New York that bickford was recently placed on an FBI terror watch list. One person has been found dead after trying to drive through floodwaters in Northern California. Reporter Ashley sharp is near the town of Wilton. It's going to be several days. Before, you know, this water gets going anywhere. And like where I am on highway 99, we have seen the water receive, so we can actually see the lanes of the highway again, but water is still flooding, you know, the median and side of the road. So that's kind of what we're dealing with now. Who will succeed Nancy Pelosi a Speaker of the House? With Republicans set to take over the house January 3rd, there is already uncertainty about who will lead them. Kevin doesn't have the vote. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy has been the presumed FrontRunner, but some within the GOP are seeking alternatives. All we're really doing is in powering the other side and not having a speaker. CBS Christina rafini McCarthy has now announced a number of concessions as he tries to round up enough votes to become speaker among them he will allow a vote on removing the speaker if at least 5 members of the majority party demand it, and he's agreed to the creation of a committee that will focus on the weaponization of government. In Ukraine, the mayor of the capital Kyiv says to the city is experiencing power and heating outages after an overnight wave of drone attacks by Russia, more from CBS Ian Lee in Ukraine. Russia launched exploding drones. This one shot down reads happy new year. In an address to the nation, Russian president Vladimir Putin justified his invasion while toasting his troops. This has been a year of difficult necessary decisions of crucial steps towards Russia's full sovereignty, he says, Brazil has a new president. He's former president Luis and asio Lula da Silva. This is his third term in office he was president from 2003 to 2010 before being jailed on corruption charges

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