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Nine in davison weaver county so so you go up by fifteen until you get to about lagoon and then you can then you want to go to south ogden usually eight or nine by wading famous fruit way isn't it no no no no fruit way is up in i know what you're talking about so in in davidson we were county they have approved it to become a full freeway i mean they're going to take the lights off of it related faces possible legal action from citizens neighborhoods right utah department transportation made the decision because it said it with growth it is needed to reduce possible travel delays but a group of citizens is against the decision i will be hugely affected by this project said glade mccombs who lives three doors down from us eighty nine and fruit heights the furniture road going right past my house will carry an awful lot of traffic going to eighty nine he's also part of the review eighty nine grassroots campaign against you dots wishes to transform eighty nine into a full freeway that yeah there's lots yeah they're going to elevate it he said it'll be the height of a two story house and a lot of residents live along eighty nine and they'll have cars looking in their second bedroom story bedroom windows tuesday.

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