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To the Cincinnati Bengals. Zach Taylor with this this morning, the morning, coach. Good morning, Captain. Human. Yeah. Thanks. Thanks to you, too. Tough weeks s so far. You've got a new quarterback. First of all. Is Joe burro doing okay, though What's the latest on him? Yeah, He's been good. You know, he's responded as you would expect him to and kind of been around. The guy's so far this week, so he didn't do spirit. All right. Do we know it? Brandon Allen starting on Sunday, is that confirmed. No, not yet. Okay. Okay, so we got a new quarterback one way or the other What? What's the keys to beating the Giants on Sunday? Well, we got a limit their explosives, You know, they got a quarterback who's had some big carries lately on did a nice job moving down the field and we got to create more turnovers and what we have on defense than offensively. We'll do better job scorn in the red zone. That's that's really We gotta speed there in the first half last week. This team could be fired up things at three and seven. They still have a chance for the playoffs, right? They sure do. Yeah, they're right in the thick of in their division, and they got a lot to play for it. Sort of weak. So are you guys gonna be fired up as well? Something? Absolutely. And this their quarterback. Tell me a little bit about him. How do you How do you take him out of the game from a strategic point here? Yeah, You can see him really get more comfortable. In the second year here in the league. He started to see things faster. The game's slowing down for him. He's using his legs at the right time. So again, this could take all that. Never guys well into the ball on defense and We're gonna be all over him all game. Is this a typical three and seven Giants team? Are they better than their record? No. Every team. Every team always seems better than the record When you watch him on tape in this league. Certainly they have been playing well as of late. You know, they've got a couple wins here lately. Um, there started come together as a team, like all of these teams have with no off season and So again, we'll have a tough test in front of us. All right, Coach. My family's gonna be there home for Thanksgiving. So we're gonna be there cheering you on. Bring me home a win on Sunday. Awesome. I appreciate it. We're kicking off great deals over at furniture Fair this weekend..

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