Atherosclerosis, Neuro Degenerative Diseases, Lauren Corden discussed on The Rich Roll Podcast


You know, these metabolites are lowering the risk of colorectal cancer. They're driving down inflammation throughout the body. And protecting us against things like neuro degenerative diseases. So there's a there's a bandaid solution here where you get this short term benefit. What I think is being overlooked is that chronic diseases have a long latency period. You know, they bubble away under the surface for for a while. And, you know, you might experience chronic disease in your 40s or 50s or 60s, but by and large, the lifestyle that you were leading ten, 20, 30 years ago was had a lot to do with the development of that chronic disease. You know, you spoke to the soldiers from the Korean War. They were young. They were laying down the pathology of atherosclerosis. So my fear is it is this sort of short term band aid solution. And my biggest fear with it is that it sends LDL cholesterol through the roof. I'm talking. I said before, a hundred milligrams per deciliter is like it's considered the kind of recommendation here in America and in Australia. But as I said, really, you got to get down to 60 or 70 milligrams per deciliter where you don't see atherosclerosis. And here's the really, really interesting thing rich. Lauren Corden, he wrote the paleo diet book. He also published a paper that goes into what is a healthy LDL cholesterol level. This is coming from the father of the paleo diet. And he went through and he looked at LDL cholesterol as a primates and of hunter gatherer tribes where there is low incidence of atherosclerosis. And his conclusion in this paper that he wrote, the father of the paleo diet was that human LDL cholesterol needs to be at 50 to 70 milligrams per deciliter in order to avoid atherosclerosis. So this is coming from him. And you might think, well, hang on. He's advocating for the paleo diet, then how can he be also saying that LDL cholesterol should be low? And a lot of this comes back down to what the paleo diet is versus how people are doing it. Yeah. And so it's a very good point. Yeah, because it's not exactly the way that it's been massively adopted. That's right. And the paleo diet if you look how Lauren cordain, what he recommends, you know, it's talking about mates that are very low in saturated fat. If you went back and looked in the Paleolithic era and you look at woolly mammoth or these types of mates that would have been eaten then there are more equivalent to venison and antelope, which are very low in saturated fat and higher in polyunsaturated fats..

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