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I see our NSC adviser Robert O'Brien, Welcome to South Dakota and Senator Paul Rand. Paul. I believe I am I seeing you okay? And then we have congressman Dusty Johnson seated over here. Congressman Jason Smith. Congressman Mark Wain Mullin as well as Congressman Adrian Smith. Welcome to you all. It is so incredibly great to be back in my home state of South Dakota, and it started this simply a few weeks ago. It wass a text isn't that the way all of our important events occur in our lives these days? Did you get my voicemail? Mary Christie? I texted back. No. When did you leave it next? Second? The phone rings. It's governor Gnome saying, Hey, Mary, I have a favor to ask of you. Would you consider And when she explained this glorious night and the plans I said, Are you kidding? I would be so honored so happy. And let me just tell you that I am incredibly proud to have all of you who are first timers here and I know there are people from all over the country visiting because I've talked to a few of you today and we're so happy whether it's New Hampshire or Delaware, wherever you came from. You had a track, but I know you're happy to be in this great state. I have a long association with Mount Rushmore, and it's making me mad that those guys up there and granted aren't aging because Yeah, As a young kid. I was here with my family. And then as Miss South Dakota and I thank you. You know what? I woke up at three AM about a week and 1/2 ago and I went to I dare mention that. But yes, because it's important to me. I am so proud.

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