Sierra Club, Aclu, Donald Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


The Sierra Club says the fight's not over I'm Carmen Roberts fox news the Supreme Court rules president trump candor bird money from the military to build a wall at least while lawsuits against to continue the Sierra Club the ACLU another say they will keep fighting to stop the diversion of money and the wall itself Johnson Hey fits what is with the ACLU a critical blow to the foundations of American democracy if president trump is able to get away with this your vehicle conduct you Stacey your money from the American taxpayers the court's five to four ruling on Friday will allow president trump to use two and a half billion dollars of tentacled funds on the wall the wall is a big part of the president's campaign promise to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country on Friday he announced a deal with Guatemala that will also help that agreement will restrict asylum applications to the U. S. from Central America we are now at a point where we are we just get along and they're doing what we've asked him to do and I think it's gonna be a great thing for Guatemala they don't want these problems either the safe third country agreement requires migrants to cross into Guatemala on their way to the US to apply for asylum there rather than at the US border although Connie collapses at a nightclub in South Korea killing two people and injuring sixteen including American and other athletes attending the world swimming championships hundreds were inside the club next to the athletes village and one zero three of the eight athletes injured are Americans but officials say their injuries are not life threatening on the S. and P. five hundred and the nasdaq closed at record highs Friday the S. and P. up.

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