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Southern California following a deadly training accident. Latest coming up from CBS News, Double BBM BUSINESS. SNP futures up six points. NASDAQ futures up 95 points Nice with intervals of clouds and sunshine today ah high of 80 cooler at the lake. Now. CBS News covers the world at six. This is CBS News on the hour sponsored by Del Small Business. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. There's been a deadly training mishap involving US Marines off the coast of Southern California this morning. Pentagon correspondent David Martin has details. This is a very serious accident, which occurred after a Marine amphibious vehicle with 16 onboard. Reported taking water during training off San Clemente Island in California. One Marine is dead, two injured, one of them critically. But eight are still missing. There's been an outbreak of Corona virus on another Navy ship sailors diagnosed on the USS George H. W. Bush ourself isolating at their homes in Virginia. Hurricane Zaius has shut down Corona virus testing sites in Florida and at capacity. Hospitals are worried about potential weather related injuries. Specialist John Cangelosi watching the storm's path We do have high confidence that will be a hurricane is attract basically across the whole Bahama chain into the early part of the weekend. But by Saturday and Sunday, we'll likely be dealing with the storm that turning Very near the coast of Florida Dr. Anthony Fauci testifies on Capitol Hill today. Yesterday, he urged recovered Koven patients to donate blood plasma, an important part of the process of being in it together and pulling together. Is helping each other $600 bonus benefits for unemployed.

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