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Twenty five seconds. Appreciate it. All righty system history. I'm the shaggy dog it's in black and white. Which threw me off because like many movies before this been color? So that was kind of random, but it's a nineteen fifty nine film about we'll be Daniels. Who's a teenage boy with the power who by the power of an enchanted ring is transformed into shag old English. Sheepdog my grandparents had an English sheepdog growing up. So it's super. Yeah. Patches was it's name. So my family tells you have this disease like I see dog, and I want the dog. Now. My like new thing is I want an old English sheepdog because. Are so cute. They are I understand that feeling. I get like really caught up in like something I'm doing like, I'll go to a concert and be like, oh, my gotta have to get a t shirt. Even if it's not a band. I follow all the time or something like that. All the time. I totally get it except I'm with cats, a helpful thing. Yeah. We just get really involved. You guys are good finding things. So maybe you're just gonna finding Pat worthy dogs and cats can be Alrighty. So it's actually based on the story the hound of Florence by Felix Salton who is also the author of Bambi, Katie. Did you add that end? Thank you. Because I didn't write that. Is directed by. Charles Burton and stars. Fred macmurray, Tommy Kirk Jean Hagen can core. Kevin Kevin Corcoran and Annette funicello who is a mousketeers who's a very famous mousketeers. She is like one of the most popular mousketeers from like the original series, Walt loved her, obviously loved her so much. He put her in feature films. Katie. And I when we were in Disneyland. Paris fun. Fact, there's an an that's diner and downtown Disney there so that was kind of cool tour. And this was waltz. I live action comedy. I think he did a good job. So Walt Disney productions also filmed a sequel in nineteen seventy six to this called the shaggy d a it was followed by a nineteen eighty-seven television sequel a nineteen ninety four television remake and two thousand six live action theatrical remake, so people love this movie. I mean, it's a really cute concept. You know what? I mean. Like it is. Yeah, I feel like it's something that's revisited in other ways as well. But like the human turning into animals figure having an adventure and having to figure out how to get back to their normal selves or like, not even just an animal, but just like. The concept of. Like, I'm thinking. Oh, shoot. What is it the movie with Jennifer garner? And she goes like back in time chain going on thirty going on thirty. Oh, she goes forward in time, actually. But like, you know, like that's kind of a similar concept. Right. Like, she puts herself from the situation has to figure out how to go back. Yes. So I was reading like actually before this that in nineteen fifty nine when the movie was made, the this concept of a teenager turning into a dog was actually really considered like off guard because like it was mislead just in adult being tended an animal or something like that before I was expecting the dad to be the one that turned into the dog 'cause I had never seen this movie before this is the first time, I watched it. And I was like, oh, how typical he's gonna he's like allergic to dogs. He hates them. Like, he's going to be the one that changes. But it was actually the kid. I liked that. Because then it was like the kid had to stay away from his dad, and and I don't know. I ended up ended up changing his dad's opinion about dogs, which is really cool. Maybe you're confused. Because in the Tamil version, I believe he is the series is the dog. I think that may but I've never seen that either. But I didn't know that he was the one that turned into the dog. So that's probably why I seemed that. Yeah. All right ready for some fun facts. Yeah. Okay. As Mike said, this is the first live action feature comedy produced by Walt Disney. It's also the first Disney feature film made entirely in black and white..

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