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Sure if you say so now that we're alone i'm gonna make you watch the show supernatural. Please characters are boring. And i don't care about the overall through line because they kill the mum literally the second seasons. Hey at least. Marry me. I so i can make you watch great british bake off. Never absolutely not okay. I feel like we're getting a little lost in the weeds on your substitution eli. I'm telling you people are going to get it. They're gonna you don't like oh just great british bake off done. You don't need to shorten it. It's not military code is it's a delightful show. I'm not saying it's not a good show. I'm saying i've never turned on my television eager to watch it. Like i get it. Stephanie is a lighthouse salesman from shropshire and her sponge dry. Just oh no so. The guy has three thousand. Comic books doesn't like great british bake off because it's too repetitive. You don't even go here this. This podcast used to be about atheism. There's no god then the after ammon had introduced tomorrow supernatural. He hated her exceedingly. So that the hatred where with the hated her was greater than the love wherewith he had wanted to introduce her. The supernatural. what do you mean. You can't tell dean. And sam in mean. I just don't know how they're supposed to be different. You're crazy. dean is the smart and charming hand. One who's a bit of a bad boy. But sam is the bad boy who's handsome but he's also smart and charming thinking early just worse. You're worth buffy liar father's forever because you ruined ruined like daytime sci fi monster the week. Maybe so tomorrow's brother absalom finds out what ammen did and comes up with a plan for revenge kunduz..

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