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That's the biggest investment that most people most americans strive for and their families in their lives to own a piece of property and own their own house and not have to pay rent and all that stuff so the american dream one of the things we like to do and that is to list the new listings at core group real is with the marketplace so tight that many listings he need to get on these right away tori is really low right now we have very few homes coming on the market it hasn't picked up a little bit because of the spring people are kind of getting that spring fever and starting to get things moving again so so we're starting to see some action but we're still an all time historic low of inventory so it's important that you are aware of what's out there make sure that you've got a good site that's keeping you up dated on the most current listings and stuff if you are in the market because they go quick they go fast what are you got listed one let's start with meridian it's forty five seventy one west white birch drive this is a six bedroom two and a half bath two story bedroom three thousand two hundred and fifty six square feet this is over in the middle iron subdivision right over there by ten mile and cherry lane so one of the newer subdivisions yep yep it's a newer subdivision so this house was actually built in two thousand ten so it's been really beautifully maintained its got spacious living space for everybody with a custom mantle over the fireplace engineered wood flooring throughout the house and it just yeah it's a great house with lots of space for everybody to kind of find their own looking corner six bedrooms bedrooms right six bedrooms and a large bonus rooms nice so yeah this one in that's forty five seventy one wests white birch drive meridian idaho and you can find these all listed on our featured listings page on the corporate realty website so if you're if you're at your computer and of wondering which one i said just go to our featured listings and you'll see there and.

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