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Guy's married to Christy Turlington. Right and his brother is married to his her sister. So. His brother married another Turlington, so it's two guys from one family. To its ED burns, the filmmaker and his brother married. Christy Turlington and her sister and I was like. Have you guys know that if he gets divorced? You're getting divorced right like you can't get out of this. Like, there's no way around this so. So yeah like so so he's. You're stuck in that. You gotTA. You gotTA. have an exit strategy and I don't know if you're GONNA be able to get out of this or. You want at this one. You've got mail. You want dear banking and slinky. Dear Banking Slinky. My wife got upset when she saw that one of her white friends listen well listed address. Listed at us on Ebay when a promoted it on her social media with that a percentage in quotes. Of the proceeds go to. Is it, exploiting gladys matter to donate percentage of your sales to be a limb if you do. Does it have to be one hundred percent of the proceeds to promoted as such? Should she just have not donated anything? Thanks semi confused White Guy with the fiery Filipino wise. You know it's funny I fucking hate when people do that, and that's totally fine. If they want to donate percentage fine, but when you go when you do a deeper dive. A lot of times it's a small to after taxes. It's small percentage after it's. There's a lot of fine print. There's a thing in in I believe in Judaism where they say like if you talk about a Mitzvah they call it. Like. You're invalidating so. Just, do it. You don't need can. Promote it just do just give to charity. And this is coming from the guy who said if you can prove that Kristalina salt chew I, will give money, but only then by the way I was giving them I was gonna give the money up whether I got it or not. I was just making a I was trying to incentivize people to come forward so. Thank you Bianca? Thank you, thanks. What do you think that you know what it is to? People are also. I mean everyone if you have your own business. Chances? Are you need all the fucking? You can get so when people like a donate I just like hey. Or maybe? Dress all the proceeds go towards. This one thing will go towards a but a percentage of sales seems like you really want the photo op, but you're not really putting. You're still getting a photo op with one thing. If it's one item. One hundred. Hundred percent. I mean this is all gonna end up being the same. You know what I mean like I just think if you're going to give to charity, give to charity that I'm of two minds about this. Because whenever people promote that, they gave to charity. And whatever, but statistically speaking. If people see that you gave to charity, they're more likely to give to charity. So I don't so you know? I don't know what to do I don't know what to do. I'm one of the few people who can give to charity and have had people still hate him. Goodbye now That's what's great about me. I talk about threading the needle you've got. L. and Benke orest Neil I like that are. Are Sdn, Neil. Really quick. The, few times. And they'll be basking us. Knowing is that from? Whereas what? Where's are? A. It's I, get it all the time to it's from. We'll fortune when they do the final puzzle. They just say R.. S. T. N. L.. E. I to get it out of the way, which is on the show that's instead of saying love. The podcast love Chapelle show up three Mike's love the champs you just say ours finale and it and lets you know and also on the street. People yelled at me on the street now. That's pretty great. Which is all you want? That should be again. That should be the only t. the only t shirts should just be are. On the. Rest. But My. Designs, but again not a BOOB joke inside jokes. What is it and then you go? Here's what it is, and you still have your dignity, not a doc. We're not. Women even though it's pro women and we're just pro sex. Where love were sex positive unstrapped? Sometimes you've got not. Doc read wondering. If you have read competitive, former bastard cop got posted on meeting with the beginning of June basically the argument for abolishing police. We did I believe we talked about it right and he talked. Okay yeah, it's just not. They're just not good. They're just not good i. mean the guys that this guy talked about are not good. They're not good. They're not all bad, but there a lot of them are not good. Nothing About a culture talk about a culture of a workplace. The culture of the workplace is fucked. Yes and but the impact of the reason. It's fucked is because they're trained. It's intrigue. There's no boot camp for COMEDIANS. Do. You know what I mean like the Guy said it starts at training. It starts at training. They've symposiums where they like that murder guy that they showed on on Oliver where it's like you gotTa. Know whether you can murder not. Are you martyr? You gotTa love murder like the it's. That's a real culture based on. You, know dominance and masculinity and Seeing everyone is of. Criminal like she the stat this week. Ninety five percent of police calls in I. Don't remember I think it, San, Francisco. are like mental health care there? There have nothing to do with San Francisco Danger Right, but that's a lot of the San Francisco I. Thought it would be way hide same. This is not A. I mean obviously there's a ton of public health problems, but I'm saying like what's the highest it could be? In a in a city, so then distribute the fucking cops that way. If it's fifty percent sort of welfare than get welfare institutions. Plump. Plump, that's the word that came up plump plump the welfare. So we'd by the way I just realized. Says it plumped. That we do not have title for this episode and that's. I'm I'm scared to my core..

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