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Fellow. Risk-takers this your worst. Podcast hosts andrew stotz. And i'm here with featured guest. Eric su to rock. I'm ready to rock. Thanks for having me andrew. I'm glad to have you on the show. And in fact i went to cal state long beach so i used to be in the la area for a long time so it's good to reconnect with lovely l. a. What i used to call the center of the universe at that time. So let me introduce you to the audience for those people. That don't know eric. He is the ceo of content intelligence software. click flow. Which helps you grow your traffic while looking like a genius and who doesn't want that also owns an ad agency single grain and work with companies such as amazon airbnb salesforce and uber to acquire more customers. He hosts to podcasts. Marketing school with neil patel and leveling up which combined have over forty eight million downloads to date. He's also frequently around the world of marketing and software as a service and he's recently publishing a book called leveling up. And i happen to tell you. Eric doesn't know this. But i've managed to get an inside person to give me the first copy of the book. Let me find it and there. It is whoa. They sent it to you know. Just kidding i made myself. I made included on a little book that i had. But that's what it's going to look like folks and it's called up and right now you can get chapter number one which i've been through and i'm really excited. So maybe you can just tell the audience a little bit about yourself and what they're gonna get from this book and what they could do now to get some of that in wednesday coming out all. Here's the fiscal copy. Here's what is gonna look like boom. This is what it looks like. It's coming out february. Twenty four th. But my name's eric su. So you know to your point couple of businesses. I kind of my go-to level at the world through marketing. So the business you mentioned but we also have any events business. We have an education business and we also invest other mar related sass and to podcasts. You mentioned i just love learning. I love teaching to articulate my thoughts. And i'm here on this podcast to talk about my worst investment. I think there's a there's a theme here. I'll try to tie everything together without me too. Wordy that's great. You know it's interesting. Because when i read through the first chapter and also i'm a listener of your podcast. Both of them. What i get from us that we come from a slightly different generation. Let's say i graduated from university and cal state long beach in nineteen eighty nine. And i didn't really. I wasn't in the gaming realm at the time and i wasn't when it started really hit. I wasn't that interested in it. So what i notice about about you. And i suspect that this is what people were going to get out of the book instead. You focus on some really short actionable things and it's feel like whether it's your podcasts. Or when i read your book. It is a lot about getting to that next level in little steps. And that's the way i was brought up. I was born with heavy big content redes- whole book and then tell me what you learn. Is that correct to think of it that way. Or how do you think how does your mind. Yeah it's so. I have this turtle in front of me and i got from puerto rico and i visited puerto rico for obvious reasons but it reminds me to slow down and to understand that you leveling up one percent everyday just trying to get a little better every single day. That's what it's all about because if you think of decades that be results in decades you'll be amazed by what you accomplished and you have short term hustle and long-term outlook. It's the same thing as investing at the end of the day. So i think it's You know. I'm glad that you noticed that we'll actually never thought of it that way but yeah that's exactly what it is. Yeah in fact before we get into the question. I just quote one thing out of the book and that is you say just because you have struggled in pass does not mean you're entitled anything to play at the next level you'll have a new set of struggles and that's something that really hit me because first of all at the age of fifty five. Life's supposed to be good and easy and all that no no. There's still struggles that you gotta face. That's the first thing. But the second thing that i took away from that this again this kind of incremental way that you look at things focus on the struggles in that one little level and there's always going to be those new struggles so that's a big thing that i've taken away from it. I'm looking forward to getting to the whole book someday. I'll have it by the way. Like i noticed a little warm buffet character in the back. I think that's what it is and so if you think about it. Eighty four point. So i think he's worth eighty five billion eighty. Four of that didn't come until after his sixty fifth birthday. So you talk about patients there. You go right there. Poster child for not

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