Justice Department, Congress, Donald Trump discussed on Morning Edition


That was challenged in court the court put a stay on the end of the daca program and now the justice department wants to appeal that because they want to pursue go ahead and get rid of the program if congress doesn't do anything about it by march fifth that's the deadline that president trump gave congress he said i'm going to get rid of the daca protections unless you legislate something her eight uh we will keep following this distant seconds remaining though mara we should know the president had a you went to the doctor yesterday he had he went to the doctors and he got a clean bill of health doctor said the president's overall health is excellent give him a cognitive test he tested all sorts of other things we know the according to the doctor the president is six three ways to 100 and thirty nine pounds just a little shy of obese uh and so the doctor recommended that he he might think about exercise yes exerciseanddiet and apparently the president wants to do that all right npr's mara liasson this morning thanks so much more thank you at the trump administration surprised lotta people last week when aidid excluded florida from a plan to dramatically expand offshore drilling and now other states are saying hey we'd love to be excluded as well and they're getting a chance to make their case in a series of public meetings enters jeff brady went to one of those meetings yesterday in annapolis maryland at the harbor in downtown annapolis it's cold and there's little sign of the tourists and people heading out to fish that are common when the weather is warm but things are buzzing a few miles away at a hotel conference center this is where the federal bureau of ocean energy management is collecting comments on the trump administration's plan to upper up just about all of the country's offshore areas to drillers this is the normal process with information booth saying laptop set up to type in comments last week florida win outside that process got itself removed well that costs little bit by surprise quite frankly when we saw that governor scott in florida had spoken to secretary zinke of the department interior mark belted is maryland secretary of natural resources is here to deliver a letter from his boss republican governor larry hogan asking that maryland also be removed belton and says the.

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