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That almost like is anti-climactic in in its in a presentation. I was really like as it was building to. This moment was like. Are they going to draw this like epic fight with these this giant rick and giant jerry. Mex- that are going. You know go at each other. And i mean it happens for a few panels but abruptly ends and and they have to come up with another solution for how to how to deal with this problem. who will who will win out in the end will it. Will it be rick. Finally overtaking This doofus jerry. Will morty prove his worth or Does it take jerry to defeated jerry. Who knows who knows. I know i. I read the story i i know. But you'll you'll have to read the communist t to know for yourself you'll you'll you'll you'll have to. I mean you have to read the comic to see for yourself but also if you haven't by now you probably are not in comics and so You know Spoilers a spoilers bound doofus areas is defeated How I'll i'll e that to you to wikipedia or go to comics free dot sfc slash comic shop by the comics support. The artists support the raiders. I will say there's a what i like about. The comics is just as i mentioned that the jerry Supermarket parking lot with the dropping the wall and stuff like that there periodic paneled asides that that capture random humor that that are that are like and then the kind of non sequiturs that that happened. I sent you a picture of a golden girls. The golden girls will more doofus. Jerry is is saying like You don't wanna see you. Don't go in the bedroom to to see your mom You you don't wanna whatever In more is like like the golden girls but holes then something you want to see what the girls but what i do. Think the ad and he's like why would i. Why would i want to see that. Talking about being their best friends four wrinkly decrepit buttonholes traveling down the road and back again. There's there's like a picture drawn image of the golden girls with with that description and and in the subsequent panels. It's it's this weird Presentation of morty. Where he's like disgusted by it but also somewhat intrigued like it's something. He spent a lot of time thinking about But isn't openly admitting it so. Yeah there are some good one off some little bits if you will Within the comics where they take some liberties they go. They go in different directions that the show wouldn't necessarily go in though sometimes they do Yeah and i don't know. I think i think there's some great things that they do in the comics. It's it's a different kind of storytelling. It's it's the way they pace like action scenes and stuff like that. It's it doesn't play the same as it would in the show but they can really dig into the characters a little bit more sometimes and an explorer different aspects of the characters in the comics. That that we don't always see in a you know twenty two minute episode or or or however long an episode is. Yeah so so. I liked that. I liked that they can dig into it a little bit more. That the relationship between jerry doofus. Rick is is kind of nice like it's it's it's good for them even though they're like the two most outcast people in the multi-diverse at least they've found each other. Yeah they're supportive of each other. And that's that's something we don't see in rick. And morty time is supporting your fellow man or woman. Ricky getting to totally beat up because because that just doesn't seem to happen in the show either. It doesn't the last thing last time. I'll say going back just briefly. The the robot fight. I showed the cover here on the video a minute ago. It's like he big robot. There's a big robot. Thank jaeger Whatever again widow toro pacific rim robot. Fight for like for like three frames and Yeah i like that that. That pieces is disappointing. We talk about utah. Action comics I think The the team that did the bird person one shot you recommended presents. Bird person i think is they. They do spectacular job and we interviewed them here. on on the show Because we did made sure to check out episode If you're in the comics and you want to hear more about making comics and and the and the people that put their blood sweat and tears into putting those stories on the pay. that's right. How sphere. Fred stressing and leonardo ito. Ooh yeah i remember names. Yeah i'm glad one of us. I yeah overall. I i have read some rick. And morty comics. I have like i think the first five or six volumes of the trade paperbacks now but i have not read all of them have only read like the first two or three. And that i've read rick and morty responders and dragons i did get volume to get that. Recently i intend on reading that as well but Yeah i think of the story lines that i've read this is. This is one that i would rank higher than than most. This is a cool idea. It did show some savona abilities for rick. And i would recommend it if some if especially in the drought season when we don't have new episodes and you're like man. I just want some new rick. And morty it's out there he's got to know where to look and it's in in the in the pages of the comics that's where you gotta go that's right find your local trade paperback distributor wherever trade paperback distributors old. They're also on amazon. It's call because jeff bezos haven't all right final thoughts on on the comics or on the storyline brandon. No no but i think that that covers it for For any of the comics. If there's a if there's a comic Rick morny comic thread or or storyline are that you want us to take a look at a little bit deeper. Do us a favor head out to our twitter. At rick morty pod or our our email. Rick and morty pot g. dot com. Send us an email and say. Hey here the issue's cover god ahead. Can you cover these for us. And we'll take a look at him. I i have them. And i'll just i'll. I'll get a video and won't read it travis. Reading with trump. He just he just reads it to me as i'm going to sleep. And that's and that's how we do these with. How do these reviews. This pompous mobile mobile curled up with my.

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