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And I always do the same example, you know, when I started it back in ninety-nine as a receptionist. There was a lot of human connection because you had to manage such a low level of technology that all the time you've read was spent with the guests. I can tell you I still have friends that I met in your tail. They were guests of mine until like twenty years ago. Yeah and over the through the years we kind of lost that because receptionist and brought up his manager general managers. Well, they started focusing more on things such as taking care of reservations not inserting information into the PMS checking the channel manager checking the checking Bays, etc. Etc. And so I think we lost that human touch if you can remove the logistic of travel, like if you can have a machine taking care of the logistics of travel like everything from PMS to checking in checking out people excetera. You can get these people to do something. Better and something more useful. So I think you can actually bring the human touch back by improving your technology stack. Welcome to Slick talk the hospitality podcast where we discuss all things Hospitality hotels and business. You can find us online at slick talk the and on every podcast listening platform. Staring down the barrel of a 60% permanent closure rate. It's time to fix what's broken. It's time to change the game the hospitality industry. She said a pivotal point and it's become painfully obvious the business Acumen strategic planning. Well matter just as much as resilience. There's no shortage of resources ranging from how to apply for loans to how to change date with your landlord. But at some point we will turn our sights towards the future and when that time comes we'll need tools and strategies to thrive not just survive in the hospitality industry. We fix our own problems. This is no different. We've created a group called the hospitality game changers on Facebook a platform you already used daily..

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