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The showing up in uh you know all this all these trade them free agency in the next um yembi a knows the popularity is at an all time high probably and uh look it shows with las vegas i mean in their 14year history in las vegas summer league they never stone sold out session the day before until the lakers plate the celtics on saturday and of course with landzo bargains jason tatum and those tickets sold out at noon the day before friday it never done that on the 14year history so seems like everything is moving on up and really yeah the summit lake has been all about lam's though there have been other players that played great smith junior for the mavericks um you know they've got them stand up tear burns forbes leading the league in scoring with san antonio spurs uh but like you know what it's been all about winds overtime montell does something beat the big news oh myung the circus p and o m backs alonzo for a second here because it feels like it seems like there's a lot of pressure on him for not just from his family side where he sort of setting the tone for his brothers and you know he's got the whole brand that his dad is promoting but even just on the lakers side like he seems to be sort of the glue for their future plans as a lot of pressure on him being really good and even yesterday in a some really gave me get lebron james there and there's the rumors of him you know supposedly being interested in playing for the lakers after next season how much does it look like landzo is prepared to handle vat and how much do you think he's ready to have his own voice and rather than have his dad speak for him what.

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