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Media companies to end the banning of qualified political candidates from their platforms publish their standards for shadow banning users and apply those standards consistently across the board Other priorities mentioned at today's press conference include higher penalties for crimes committed during riots and violent protests defining and banning critical race theory in public schools as well as passing permit less gun Carey in Georgia The 2022 legislative session is set to run through April the fourth The port of Savannah is reporting record cargo volumes for 2021 as Alex halleck reports That's in part due to a surge in trade that saw its container yard backlogged and ships waiting at sea The economic recovery from the pandemic has driven up demand for imported goods and ports have struggled to keep up Savannah is the fourth busiest port in the country And saw a 20% increase in volume over the year before At some points last year the port had more than two dozen ships waiting to unload while tens of thousands of cargo containers waited on shore to be loaded onto trucks or trains The poor is investing a $150 million to develop more land to handle volume as well as a near $1 billion project to make the Savannah river deeper to allow larger ships carrying heavier loads to reach the port without waiting for high tide Amplifying Atlanta this is 90.1 W ABE Support for NPR comes from NPR stations Other contributors include data iku a platform for everyday AI to help organizations make AI part of their daily business Designed to elevate people teams.

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