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Everybody what's gonna rob cicirino back here for another podcast where we are going to be counting down the arbitrary and the reductive here today as we were going to walk away from this podcast with a list on. Outwit outplay outlast. Once again we're talking about the funniest all-time jeff probst moments in here to join me to talk about it. All my co host on this journey here is the great. Mike bloom rob. We needed this. Podcast like jeff. Probst needs a pair of khakis and a blue shirt. Here we are talking about the host with the most. Yes mike so nice to see you and mike. You have like a formal dress shirt on tonight. I'm trying my best. 'cause i did realize that four i. It's an intent. I think these. I think this is blue. I actually am semi colorblind. Tough time differentiating between dark shades of other colors and gray so this might be great. This might be twenty twenty one version of the dress right now. My at least my best attempt at trying to wear my jeff probst blue but versus mike bloom trying. I mean as professional as it can be outdoors. Become very unprofessional. Shit we do. These play shows on videos. You can see the list as we are going along here but boy i. I'm so excited that we have This woman here with us to help us put together this list here. She is the great frail. Mary's here america caskey. Mary how are you. I'm doing great. You know i am dressed as professionally as i get nowadays that i'm working from home. So yes this is okay. This is about it. Mary's wearing a ski cap. and what what. What does that design i. It's an elephant. But i i'd say that it's pretty bad ass. Bang ring ring. Yeah okay skew hot. Yeah that's better. yeah all right mary. How's everything going for you. Things are going well. Wisdom teeth all healed up. So i'm i'm excited. I'm ready to to list some things that hopefully don't involve david murphy and proposals. But as long as we can avoid some of that that i think we'll be good. Rob now you can finally pulled down the coverage revealed that we are outwit outplaying out all david. Murphy's moments in the two minutes of his proposal during survivor redemption island reunion yes. Okay all right so very excited. Mary and mike back with us here for our outweighed out. Plant list joining us for the first time That mike has gone through. And the help of the rob's podcast patrons has gone through and come up with a list of about what would you do. you know. The total number is my. I think right now. We're going with a nice little card number. Twenty one i believe is the number we have settled on twenty one moment the nicaraguan number. Yes exactly yes. So we're talking about the old and the young jeff probst really bridging those age gap Yes okay the twenty-one moments of funny jeff props moments that have been selected by the patrons of robbins podcast curated by the great mike. Bloom we are going to rank them and we are going to put them into four tiers here. The top tier the greatest moments the funniest ones that we love our in the tier worth playing for. Then we have a second tier. My life is fine. The third tier is ain't no hershey bar and the fourth and final tier for this stuff. That is ratchet. Forget you go home goodbye. And that is how we're gonna drop. Those will move things along on the way again. The visual helps if you're listening to the podcast version. But you could play along and we will hear all those clips those of you. We will not. We will never forget about just I don't even wanna say just the pibe podcast listeners. They are. They are how we started and they wall a you know the podcast listeners. To me and youtube viewers that they are in epic handshake of awesome. People were loyal to the ears and the eyes. That's right that's right okay. So however you're consuming this we welcome you aboard. Of course it was only a couple of weeks ago that mary helped us Countdown we i watched all of survivor. Redemption island leave. That was what four weeks ago. I will be back again. Live with a survivor season survivor. Worlds apart will be the next season that we take on tomorrow. Night Jenny autumn phil thompson will be with me live on wednesday night and we will talk about everything from survivor worlds apart at an i hope to finish binge-watch that season sometime in the next twenty four hours so we'll have a ways to go. Where are you right now on. The pre merge long. Wait i sold a long way to go. So yeah so hopefully get a couple more episodes in the night Just a little bit of a preview for that guest Really premier a bit of a slog in the rest of the pre-marriage. I mean it's no redemption island. Yeah yeah okay. All right so mike. Why don't you tell us about what we're gonna lose. Listen to i yes. So let's talk about this so we are going to be going through some obviously not all of some of the funniest moments involving the host of survivor from the very beginning jeff pro. I want to put up precursor or we dive in proper. I i. I wanna give thanks to the patriots abroad has a podcast reminded me of it. So many jeff pro moments. That i personally have forgotten about over twenty years but to all awful in and lindsey wilson who rob you previously podcast but both of them that featured quite a number of humorous. Jeff probst moment. That also be making a return appearance here. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel. Much that being said i am going to put out the the blanket statement that i do with all of these podcasts. This is not going to encapsulate everything and specifically everything that everybody wants we apologize. If certain moments weren't left out we'd like to say here save it for the sequel and there were certainly be moments for the sequel or this one..

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