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That's right, we're back. We're better than ever OT as week to just wrapped up. And we're gonna talk about that Zach, gentry is the Steelers preview focus player of the week in terms of the two thousand nineteen NFL draft class. But before we get to that, let's go who over who is with me. It's all three of us. The dynamic duo, Brian Anthony Davis. How are you doing this evening? You know what Jeff, we should start calling yourself tremendous trio, because I don't wanna leave you out of this whole thing. But I'm doing phenomenal. I'm okay with being left out. That's. Guilt by association bra days. Go field what's going on? I'm exhausted. Man. I need a vacation for my vacation. I just got back in town. And I'm like I need some rest after my time of supposed rest. Oh. All right. Before we get started with the actual, you know, the news and OT, as and all that stuff. Dave is going to be talking about the winner of the juju. Smith Schuster jersey that was a contest that wrapped up last night Wednesday at ten pm. Dave, go ahead. Take it away. All right. Are winning tweet? The one with the most lakes was a video. It was really simple. It did not take much to witness jersey. Someone made a video taking a drink of water out of a Steelers Cup. And then held it up to show that said, 'Antonio Brown's tears. So that was our winning video that was juju celebration. It was called shade and it was by Jake mellow. So Jake, I will be getting hold of you and making sure we get you that juju. Jersey. Congratulations. It's pretty cool. You know we've if you think about the giveaways you've done so far. It's, it's just really cool to be able to give stuff like that way. And big big shout out to the winner. There Jake mellows. He said, is that his Twitter handle of that's Twitter mellow. Very good. So there you have it. That's another giveaway in the books. We have another one planned. It's going to it's going to be involving writing though. It's going to be a part of the behind the curtain dot com fan post action. If you're if you're a member of the, the steel curtain dot com,.

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