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I get to work with all the time you know who talked to hewitt loves physical wide receivers in you're one of them you know that anytime there's a conversation about a quarterback competition the he laughs that that there's always a stigma to that that people think that quarterbacks shouldn't have to compete for their jobs that just get handed to them jarvis i mean do you think that quarterbacks competition at quarterback is a is is something that is good when it comes down to it i think in sports you know come you know in a day you need that in every position or your team you know it's how push to get better so no matter what position i don't care you the kicker you know you bring another kick your randy i think he's gonna feel that pressure he's potentially come in and take his job so you know it's gonna make you work harder you make it stay longer whatever you got to do a victory secures jobs that they you know it's healthy to have competition in all positions okay and in terms of competition with you and odell beckham going back to to the day that you do oh we saw him go yard in batting practice for in yankee stadium just the other day jarvis i mean if you and odell got in a batting cage would you would you fare better what would you say if we put you in a batting cage with odell no what we might have we might have to learn that you might have to line that up as she goes baseball i sports so what do you mean it was your first sport talk to me about this is literally the firstborn i ever played the first bother with the baseball i played a pretty much going to college so it'll be interesting it'd be interesting okay when you say interesting you mean better than odell so what you're saying i'm saying it up okay all right you know the indians the indians at batting practice eighty one times a year or two in cleveland so okay let me let me so what was your game did you have a power game when you play you know i can do a little bit of everything you know i don't be thanks bye was ground whatever it was you know just want to make a pledge so how many out of five did you have how many tools out of the five did you have when you play baseball we were five to four what do you got and i can two to three then you chose wisely that's for damn sure okay so when it all comes down to jarvis the goals for the cleveland browns this year are what to win different no i can't something now tell me before i let you go about tcl america's fastest growing tv brands that is affording you for us to have you on the show today jarvis pretty much you know as you say the passage on television brain you know they actually during the campaign right now national cut the court cut the cord day you know they're giving away a hundred and three tv's you know you can still get all the games all the sports channels you know everything record as pretty much cable you know one hundred thirty dollars a month you know i think tv's getting away with you know like i said for a couple of years so yeah probably how how extremely play israel quality okay jarvis and so people can on a tcl television watch you on hard knocks the summer correct absolutely okay you're gonna be a star on that one or are you gonna are you gonna look are you going to shy away from the cameras what do you got for me what type of hard knocks person am i to see how the jarvis landry listen i'm playing the background music i don't background and the background yet we have for okay so you'll be upfront biggest hbo star since game of thrones is what you're saying jarvis landry no okay fully while you say you're going to be the king of the north right the afc north why not okay jarvis called the identity i did i did and i appreciate you taking the time let us know when you're out here in los angeles i'd love to have you here in person you got an ad god underscores son eighty that's jarvis landry of the cleveland browns what's the number that i said number wins that i said what's the number wins i.

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