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Scurvy is when you have a vitamin c deficiency and it's pretty frigging nasty so you could have swollen hands and feet in horrible painful inflamed gums scurvy can kill you you know the problem was when they were stocking the ships up with food if they did pack citrus on there with fruits and vegetables these types of foods don't last long right they don't last month's on the ship so they'd run out of it and they would then you end up eating things that were salted and whatnot and when you run out of your vitamin c source it only takes a few weeks to develop a vitamin c deficiency and then you could start showing signs of scurvy so it's estimated that two million sailors died between the fifteen in eighteen hundreds from scurvy so in seventeen forty seven scientists named james lind tried to figure out how to treat scurvy and he discovered after testing tons of things that the only thing that would help is if his subjects eight oranges and lemons or lemons right so take almost two hundred years before scientists would find what specifically was in those fruits that was curing scurvy now a a scientist named albert zen jury nineteen twenty eight identified a substance found in the adrenal gland and named it heck saronic acid and three years later and thirty one jail firmly and charles glen king to american biochemist found the crystalline vitamin c from lemon juice had the same properties as heck psoriatic as it so this discovery inspired linus pauling who's the the scientists i mentioned earlier to do more research and palling is an actual nobel laureate one two times and in those two times that he won he was the only one winning the award for the for the classes that he wanted which is i think still still to this day he might be the only one in nineteen sixty appalling i got the idea of taking mega.

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