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Linemen. USC six FT. 4 £315 Vera Tucker was a first team all Pac 12 tackle at USC, but most believe he translates to guard in the NFL. He won the Morris Trophy Award. So the Jets move up in the draft, and they take Elijah Vera Tucker, the guard out of USC. Been you got some Mac Jones is gonna be the next pick to the New England Patriots. I guarantee it they were. They've been eyeballing this the entire time. He was the guy they liked as the third quarterback on their boards, so it will be the big drops right in their lap. Duty a stand patient. Let the draft come to you. Which Over the years. Not only is Bill Belichick famous for that he's famous for trading back so he didn't have to trade back. You didn't have to move on different fact, Ben is right. Mac Jones. Would make sense because New England mean if you look at Cam Newton last year, um and I give Cam a bit of a pass because of covert and everything that was going on, But that offense was horrible. It was one of the worst offenses that we've seen. With the Patriots, and by the way the Patriots pick is in now and we'll hear from Commissioner Goodell. But it would. It would stand to reason that with Mack Jones there That the Patriots would go ahead and jump in. Well, the thing that you you you kind of say this is a perfect pick, because when you look at the relationship, okay, you gotta look at the two men that a leading these two organizations sometimes it's not just the players. Sometimes it's the fit. Right. And you look at Nick save in and by the way, who used to work for Bill Belichick. Okay, you looking like that? You look at Nick Saban. And then you look at Bill Belichick. They're cut from the same piece of cloth. Okay, This is probably the most perfect fit off any of the quarterbacks in this league. Excuse me in this in this NFL draft is going to play in this league next year. Patriots have struggled a bit recently in the draft. They have since 2015 they've drafted Either 52 or 53 players. One of those draft choices has made the Pro Bowl so they have not been in again. They've been winning championships right there, eh? So they've been drafting at the bottom of Virtually every NFL draft, But yet they haven't They haven't had a lot of success in terms of their draft choices, becoming the kind of players that eventually play. In the Pro Bowl and again here's Roger Goodell with New England Patriots pick.

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