Hannity, Sarah Palin, Lara Logan discussed on Mark Levin


Pubic dog like him. America. Does you can call Mark Levin at eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one. Now. Lara logan. She's on Hannity last night, of course, before that she was on a podcast program. And she's dared to step out. I mean, it's really quite amazing. The. The kind of low some attacks that she's now receiving Bernie Goldberg same thing. Others the same thing because there's no diversity in thought processes in newsrooms today. It's one way to maybe differences, but their differences in kind and other words hard left. And apparently, she doesn't go along. So in the context of what we've been discussing. I just have a couple of clips won't overdo it. But I think her voice is very very important. She worked for CBS for years. She worked for sixty minutes. She was a foreign correspondent, she put her life. At grave risk and terrible. Things happened to her. And she is dismissed now. She's a woman. And I thought we were told that that makes a difference apparently not. Apparently, it doesn't matter. Unless you're a leftist. Did the same the Sarah Palin? They've done the same to other. Women who don't not even conservative on tips. Women who don't toe the line who think for themselves. Same with other minorities. Here. She is last night with our buddy Hannity cut fifteen go eighty five percent. I think it's closer to ninety federal liberal, and you can see it. And.

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