Ashley Judd, Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


Those pictures of walking in and he looked so kind of frail and stumbling almost and and aged and i wonder whether the women who have accused him women like ashley judd who's career was so impacted by harvey weinstein and who is now charging the harvey weinstein with having effectively done her out of the potential of millions of dollars of earnings because when she resisted his advances she said then hook chris dotted to get derailed and suddenly she wasn't getting parts that she had been up to now she's wondering was that harvey weinstein's doing and you have to what is ashley judd thinking what ching these pictures of harvey weinstein being humbled walking you know the pup pool woking pas the cameras into the courthouse kinda stumbling kind of shuffling looking rather aged and as you said he was one of the most powerful men in hollywood and it's worth remembering that this whole metoo movement is not about sex this is about power it's about people in a position of power who have abused that power to take advantage of people who are under them and put that career is in jeopardy and of course cools them years of mental anguish you know andrea this been a long time coming but hollywood certainly is not the first major institution touched by this of course we all had to endure the pain and just the nightmarish allegations and evidence of sexual abuse inside the catholic church for decades we saw this happen at penn state we certainly saw this happen and the media world and the news world in hollywood in sports.

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