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Come unstuck like we've seen him do it slams before. Some kind of touching wood for that one. And then like you said Marin Cilic, you know, semifinalists at the French this year sort of out of nowhere. So former champion as well here, not forgetting. Back in what 2014 that was. So yeah, possibly some interesting players that could throw a spanner in the works. Jenson brooksby also down bottom section possible dark horse to throw in an upset, although he would face courage, yeah, second round. Let's take a look last but not least at the fourth quarter. My favorite quarter. Here we go. We've got certain Rafael Nadal back in action. He's the second seed. He's going for his 5th U.S. open title. And actually, draw wise, not too horrendous on paper. Once again. It's great draw. Open against the wild card rinky hijikata. It could have corrected second round. Both of whom are not quite where they used to be. But cam norrie at the top of the draw 7th seed really intrigued to see if he can keep up his solid form from this whole season. Wimbledon semifinalist can he make it to you so he's a slam in a row. And then Andre Ripley, of course, allowed to play a Grand Slam again and back in the draw. Joel initial thoughts on the fourth quarter to start with? I think Nadal got really great joy to be honest. I think he can, you know, I think obviously he wouldn't have got as much time on court in Cincinnati as he would have liked, but I think this draw enables him to feel his way into the tournament. I don't see too many dangerous dangerous players around him. Yes, there is four Nene or cats have potentially in round two. But they've not really been playing at the level that they've been at a few years ago. I think for four newly, for example, is in the twilight of his career. I think he's doing better on the doubles court than on this. On the singles court. So yeah, I think the Dow's got a good draw. Yeah, tiafoe might be an interesting one. I think that could be really fun, evening match, but I still think Nadal, yeah, it's got kind of a strong shot coming through. And yeah, could face, I wouldn't be surprised if it could be a Nadal norrie quarterfinal. I feel like nori always runs into Nadal at grand slabs and feces. It was like more like in round two round three and now because of his rank kick, it's more like four of the quarterfinals. But yeah, I think he's also got a good shot at going deep. Certainly into week two. Yes, he has Benoit pair in the first round and you just don't know what sort of what sort of tennis you're going to see on the tennis court from Benoit paire. But looking beyond that though guru, I think, could be tricky. John Isner as well is their unseated, which feels very, very nasty and difficult. So yeah, there's a few challenges along the way, but I think, yeah, the way cam's been playing. Well, again, how we handled himself in Cincinnati. I think he's, again, got a very good shot and I would not be surprised for me if he's the last Brit standing, and he lives up to his seeding, I think, in New York. I can see that as well. I think I'm too quick to discount norrie because I think obviously he's shown, so consistently how well he can play and how well he can get the results and players like when he beat Carlos, I thought that Carlos would very much have the measure of him as he had done previously, but you know, he pulled out the win there. So I think that he will do really well here. Having said that, I'm now thinking, I think I may be predicted, isn't it to come through this part of the draw? But I'm sure I can change that, but I think that would be a tough one. I think almost if you, if you take the game away from norrie, so if isna serving particularly well, then potentially he can't, we've sort of his web of, you know, the flat backhand a bit more tops with the forehand and make players lose their rhythm if you're not so reliant on rhythm like John Isner and the way that he plays is almost to hit kind of as few ground strokes as possible. I also think that Nadal, this is a really good draw for him. I think I will never count Nadal out. We've proved us time and time again that no matter what form he has going into something, no matter what injury, no matter what is going on, you can not discount him. So I've got Nadal having a really good run here. I think it would be good to see. And he just hit some tweeners with English film tech oh, if you can beat John, if you could beat John rap McEnroe, I think you can win the U.S. open. Exactly. We're in trouble now. Yeah, exactly. What about you, Kim? Yeah, I agree, I think Rafa has got an on paper, decent drawer. I just, you know, always have a question marks, or will there be an injury or something popping up, you know, like a Wimbledon, very unfortunate there. But Jack sock is beating Diego Schwartzman. Oh, definitely. Yeah, I could see that. That could be a long 5 setter, though. Do you not think? Not with Jack socks fitness, I don't know. But I think Jax, I think shorts are a bit on for me on upset alert there. And I also think Denis Shapovalov against Marc Andrea husler, who Draper. Yes, exactly. He's having a very good run in Winston Salem. Another player who I think has just shot up the rankings this season has been a little bit under the radar to me. I've not really known much about him. I saw that match up against Draper on paper and I just thought, oh, Draper will come through that.

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