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Alex. Couple of Jodi demo here cardinal stadium funnel is first possession. Plus, the Kentucky has moved the ball pretty effectively. But I also is penalty on the second second and five four on that second downs. Leonel looking at third down and six on the cardinals forty four yard line. Thanks. Stadium. Not full all portion of the stadium have people in the seats. Including the people enjoying my new suites down there on the end zone. Ground level. And a number of people scattered up on the new section opened this year for the first time here at the stadium. Next week. We'll be on the road at Virginia. Cavaliers playing Ohio in Nashville today the game moved there because these coast Virginia was leading late in that game. Don't we have a final score on that yet or not? London. Culpable has moved in for the injured d Smith. Third down in six for western Kentucky. Man, motions to the left. Now sunken steps back up for the play clock ticking down to lost play clock. He funded new setup back to go throw down the middle high interceptor Avery has it running left to the thirty five up the sideline. The forty got a block at the fifty to the forty five yard line and banged out of bounds. Back on eternal that seats. Gets lined up incorrectly. Monday night Akobo in produce bit has to get them. Get them adjusted drops back into the zone reads. The quarterbacks is the entire time jumps underneath a big play. CJ? Jodi, doubling on the field. Yes. Alex. You're right in the first guy after he got tackled CJ Avery went over to London. I gave a little Pat on the back side of like, thank you, buddy. Because he did he literally told even CJ move there. And he was yelling and screaming at him out on the field. And he did it just the last second. Cards have it first and ten in western Kentucky territory at the forty four yard line. Greenwich back twenty five yards after the passport from under center. One back. It's Jeremy Smith he gets it angles. Right. Cuts through a whole tries to go. Why lose the football in western has picked it up. Maybe then it's Alabama. They scramble Ford again. Western just about had the ball. Then a secondary scramble after that looked to me like the ball may have trickled out a balanced full of topics could get fairly. Colin Wilson their pitch play out to the field. Had plenty of space to Ron just did not secure the football. By the way. A western player. Threw it back in bounds. When it was about to go out, then it bounced off a couple of people after that. Before it finally was recovered. We think by level. Alex will be like Lynnwood foibles able to scoot underneath a pile and pick up a loose football. Watching numerous replays of trying to figure it out. And it was Colin Wilson on the I thought it was Jerry. But it was Wilson. Jodi, going to get a clear view of the only thing that that overturned is the spot. I think clearly comes up with the ball. There was no possession for western Kentucky before that. They could give Louisville. Good get a few yards because the ball was out of bounds. It looked like the the western player. His foot might have been on the line when he threw the ball back in. I couldn't tell who it was. But a great job by been been hold. They're getting his hand on the ball. I intersection this year. The second. Takeaway. Cardinals where it is spotted. Now, it's second.

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