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Browns but the jets you may have a better chance of getting to the playoffs more quickly he's gonna get a lot of money he's gotta get paid but the one thing the redskins should not do is they should not under any circumstance laughed at franchise what i've you get stuck with a thirty four and a half million each look foolish but i disagree with this idea that the jets are such that that would be the idea to get to the playoffs more quickly because again we're we're comparing the answer looking claus than the browns if you go by record for sure but you have to consider again that josh gordon hasn't played into year fair going never plays because he's always high but okay let's let's forget them at forget about that point cory coleman broke his hand another guy who never plays but okay broke his hand guy our next the reach are not we're not talking about we're not long or a play we're not talking about at his best to wide receivers all the tell you just laid out this is the best talent whoever have they never a play mega what did he do with basically little towns harare in this year in washington okay how many how many wednesday of us here in in reality how many wins his kirk cousins worth that's the real needed a question pens on the team you can't just a sign a win total to one guy i think i'll be very young great tom brady's were ten wins with roman any t that's not you're your your engulfing at asian two binary and we're still bore still kept on the browns to draft the correct players since what are we doing there that is a very fair point and hopefully dorsey is the right guy there instead of sashi brown and whatever else they have the baseball guy for the mets in deep protest at eight five five two one two four cbs good job guys i let's ended on the phones i got three phone calls off awful trying to get to the mall norm todd enron will ship up to boston actually led the boston area let's hear norm your next up on cbs sports radio.

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